TV Recaps

This is where you can find all my recaps for my fave TV shows. Either use the drop down menu above, or, alternatively, clicking on the links below will take you straight to the first episode of each season I have recapped.

Since 2015, Cassidy Frazee has joined the recapping team and offers up Humans and Fear The Walking Dead, both of which can be found in the links below!

The Snarking Dead long banner

Cassidy and I have also branched out and created our own website dedicated to just TV recapping and TV news. You can check it out here and it includes more shows than the ones listed below!

The list includes:

True Blood (HBO)

True to the End HBO True Blood Season 7 promo poster

Season 6
Season 7

The Walking Dead (AMC)

small-survive AMC's The Walking Dead Season 5 promo poster

Season 3
Season 4
Season 5

Season 6

Fear The Walking Dead (AMC)

Fear The Walking Dead promo pic pool

Season 1

Humans (AMC)

AMC's Humans Season 1 promo pic

Season 1

American Horror Story (FX)


Freak Show

Game of Thrones (HBO)

Game of Thrones S3

Season 3 (only the Red Wedding)
Season 4
Season 5
Season 6

Vikings (HISTORY)

Vikings promo poster

Season 3
Season 4

Let me know which shows are your faves and I just might start recapping those as well!

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