Zombie Apocalypse Now!

Zombie Apocalypse Now! The Complete Series

Now available in the one book!




So what is Zombie Apocalypse Now! I hear you ask? Only the most awesome zombie serial to hit the shelves recently! There is blood and guts and more brains than you can poke a gun at. This serial is based around four female characters who find themselves sucked into the zombie apocalypse. Yep, women! For once we get to experience the apocalypse from a female point of view. But don’t worry, these women are no shy and retiring wallflowers (except maybe for Rosalyn), they are ready and eager to jump right in to the thick of it – camo stilettos and all!


The least outgoing of the bunch, Rosalyn has recently lost her husband and we discover her in the opening scenes, having to defend her house against a zombie child. She has spent the first part of the zombie apocalypse holed up in the roof cavity of her house with a stockpile of food and nothing but diverted rainwater to drink. She may be quiet, but she sure is resilient!


Meet the crazy cat lady, Berta and her last remaining cat, Martin. Berta lives over the top of her shop and has spent the apocalypse writing billboard messages to the Chinese laundry lady across the street. Just when they plan their great escape, a newcomer arrives and riles up the local zombie population. It spells disaster for one of these characters, but it also supplies a getaway car.


Pippa is pregnant. It’s not the best time to be bringing a baby into the world, but somehow she is determined to survive childbirth and the zombie apocalypse. While searching for food, she comes across a zombie in a bank, They get to know each other through the bullet-proof glass. It’s a shame someone left the door open though…


Can anyone say “hooker with a heart of gold”? That’s Tatiana, or Tats, for short. Tatiana is living high up in her apartment block and surviving on beer and questionable tinned meats. Things get interesting when one of her zombiefied john’s turn up still wanting her services.



Horror, short story


zombies, female main characters, Australia, Australian author, The Walking Dead

6 Responses to Zombie Apocalypse Now!

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  4. Marc says:

    Rachel, have you written any material from the zombie point of view?

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