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So, now that  so many awesome books are landing in my lap in exchange for an honest review, I thought I’d add a new page to my blog so you can see exactly where I am up to with my reading list. Some of these books I am reading as part of an organised book tour, others have been offered up by the author in exchange for an honest review, and the remainder are books that I have chosen to read just for the heck of it!

These are the books I currently have on my ‘Review List’. They appear in the order I am reading them in. Check back regularly to see if your book is on the list. Or, alternatively, suggest a book for me to review.

  1. Meet me In The Garden ~ Rosa Sophia
  2. Bloodlust ~ Nicole Zoltack
  3. Thicker Than Blood ~ Madeline Sheehan and Claire C. Riley
  4. Where Dead Bodies Lie ~ Kat Cazanav
  5. The Mesmerized ~ by Rhiannon Frater
  6. Hunted Heart ~ Alison DeLuca
  7. Sparrow Girl ~ Kate Genet
  8. Euphoria/Dystoria ~ Michelle Browne
  9. Hidden Wings ~ Cameo Renae
  10. A Very Zombie Christmas ~ Various Authors
  11. The Cold Beneath: Steampunk Zombies ~ Tonia Brown
  12. Vagina Mundi ~Wol-vriey (Currently reading)

2 Responses to Current Book Review List

  1. Travis Wakeman says:

    Can we leave suggestions for what we think you should read next too?

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