SEASON PREMIERE: The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap – Episode 1: 30 Days Without An Accident

The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere - Daryl (Norman Reedus) & Carol (Melissa McBride) get cozy

30 Days Without an Accident

So it’s FINALLY that time: the premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 1, entitled, 30 Days Without an Accident. What did you all think? Here’s my take on it…

So there’s obviously a time delay, there seems to be some lovin’ going on; Beth (Emily Kinney) has a boyfriend, Zach (Kyle Gallner), Tyresse (Chad Coleman) has a lady friend and Carol (Melissa McBride) seems determined to get her hands on Daryl (Norman Reedus)! It seems we have a zombie apocamance going on…. Although, the rest of the Prison/Woodbury crew seem to have a thing for Daryl too, so maybe that’s why Carol is teasing him and calling him Pookie?

The combined efforts of the Prison and Woodbury seem to have amalgamated into Old MacPrison’s farm and Hershel (Scott Wilson) is their doomsday prepper ringleader. Rick (Andrew Lincoln) is pretty good as a farmer although there are still whispers of crazy about him – especially when he meets up with another human crazy outside the farm. Turns out she’s more crazy than him though and attempts to lead him back to her camp in order to feed him to the head of her zombie husband… yeah, Rick, you’re okay compared to that…

Carl (Chandler Riggs) seems to be a little less psycho in Season 4 – especially now there are kids his age around to play with. Although he’s at that awkward age where he doesn’t want to be a kid, yet he doesn’t want to give up kiddie stuff either. Comic books are in – story time is out! However, his nerd friend, Patrick (Vincent Martella), convinces him to tag along to story time and Carl discovers that it is all just a cover for Carol to teach the kids how to use knives effectively on zombies! Carol craps herself when she sees Carl and asks him not to dob on her to his father.

There seems to be a LOT more zombies hanging around the Prison farm this season, and I can see it being a problem further on down the track. In fact, everything in this episode felt like little seeds being planted for future cropping in Season 4. It will be interesting to see how it all ties together at the end!

So a group go and do a supplies run and we get to find out a little more about newcomer, Bob Stookey (Larry Gilliard Jr.). It seems he has a shadowy past and, if I’m not mistaken, a drinking problem. He manages to curb his urge for the bottle in this episode, but in the process manages to make the whole shelf of booze collapse! This excites the zombies hanging around on the roof of the supermarket – which just so happens to have a helicopter crashed into it, so is structurally unstable. All those zombies walking towards the crashing noise start falling through the roof! Poor Bob is trapped under shelving but it’s not him who gets killed – it’s Beth’s boyfriend Zach.

Back at Old MacPrison’s Farm, Daryl is tasked with telling Beth about her boyfriend – and my hasn’t she changed since Season 3. Beth turns out to be a cold, heartless bitch who can’t even cry over the death of her boyfriend – not sure I like this version of her at all.

So Carl’s new nerd friend seems to fall ill during the night. In the process he dies – and so Episode 1 ends…

Random Stuff That I Think Will end Up Being Important:

  • Michonne (Danai Gurira) seems to be a part time member this season and is out hunting for ‘him’ – who I assume is the Governor (David Morrissey).
  • Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Maggie (Lauren Cohan) are concerned they might be pregnant. When it turns out Maggie isn’t, Maggie is sad and Glenn is glad – I can see this causing tension further on down the track…
  • There is a pig who dies. I’m sure this is connected to the all the hints AMC have dropped about the new threat is not zombie orientated. I also think that whatever the pig died of, Carl’s friend, Patrick, also contracted.
  • I wonder if Bob is somehow associated with the helicopter crash on top of the supermarket?
  • Michonne pulls out a map and points out a town called Macon – will the Governor be here? Or is this town more significant than this? I think so.

Let me know what you thought of AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4 premiere by commenting below!

You can read my Episode 2 recap here.

(Photo Credits: AMC)

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5 Responses to SEASON PREMIERE: The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap – Episode 1: 30 Days Without An Accident

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  2. anonimous says:

    Oh por favor! Oxalá que Daryl Dixon morra para acabar com esta histeria toda que anda
    a ofuscar a verdadeira essência da série. Há pessoa que dizem que são fãs da série, mas não ~
    são a única razão para verem twd é por causa do Daryl Dixon e eu não acho certo porque
    isso não é ser fã de verdade. Ser fã é gostar da série como um todo, das personagens todas
    e da história em si, não é só gostar de uma personagem só porque é bonito e que flerta com todas! A PUTA DA CAROL E A PUTA DA BETH!

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