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One of the biggest obstacles for the self-published author is the myriad of formats required to publish to a multitude of platforms. While some authors are happy to stick to one publishing provider (and that’s okay), many are choosing to diversify and publish across the board. The problem is that each platform has various rules and hoops one must jump through in order to publish with them

Here’s Where Amazing eBook Formatting Can Help

At Amazing eBook Formatting Services, we can easily format your eBook to accommodate the major self-publishers. Within as little as 48 hours, we can develop your manuscript to fit within their varying format requirements – and make it look beautiful too!

Which Publishers Do We Cover?

Amazing eBook Formatting Services will format your eBook to the following standards:

How Much Does it Cost?

At Amazing eBook Formatting Services, formatting packages start from as little as $60.00. We can provide a basic format for your manuscript that will have it ready within 48 hours to be sent straight to the publisher/s of your choice.

Please email us at mrs.zoomby@live.com.au for a comprehensive quote.

But My Manuscript Has Pictures and Complex Formatting Styles

No problem! Here at Amazing eBook Formatting, we can cover all your eBook formatting needs. Photos can be inserted to your manuscript with ease as well as adding a variety of font and page styles to your manuscript to denote various ideas and concepts. Below is a list of the more common formatting variants we can achieve:

  • Photos
  • Personalized images
  • Newspaper articles
  • Diary or journal entries
  • Fleurons and other time break images
  • Personalization of your manuscript
  • Accommodation of publisher logos
  • Cover styles
  • Fluidity and continuity of style throughout
  • Insertions of eBook previews
  • Hyperlinks
  • Table of Contents

As you can see, here at Amazing eBook Formatting, we are able to cover all your eBook formatting needs.

What if Something Goes Wrong?

So you send your fully formatted eBook off to your publishing platform and receive a formatting error back from them? No worries, Amazing eBook Formatting will cover you free of charge if there are formatting issues. Just GIVE us a copy of the formatting error to us and we will correct it for you. This service is offered free of charge for the lifetime of your manuscript!

I Need a Line Editor!

Great, because we can read over the final draft of your book and find all those pesky little mistakes for you! Our line editing services include the following:

  • Spelling errors
  • Misplaced words
  • Odd formatting
  • Words left over from previous edits
  • Multiple use or overuse of words
  • Incorrectly used words (ie. their instead of there)

What Else Do I Offer?

In addition to all your eBook formatting needs, I also offer Copy Writing services to those of you who need content for your website or product. I have had many years experience with article writing and have developed an understanding of both what a client needs in the publicity of their product as well as what SEO is required to get their product into the hands of a larger audience.

Let me take the hard work out of making your content search engine friendly!


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