Melkorka’s Story Continues In ‘The Peacock’s Mother — Cover And Blurb Reveal

For those who have read The Irish Viking Princess and are desperate to know when Melkorka’s story will continue, I have some exciting news for you!

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While I do not have a pre-order link just yet for Book Two, I am currently in the middle of writing the book. Book One dealt with Melkorka’s transition from royalty to slave as well as her doomed love affair with Hoskuld and the birth of their son, Olaf. The next book will see Olaf traveling to Ireland in order to prove his and Melkorka’s heritage.

I also have a cover reveal and blurb for the new book, titled The Peacock’s Mother. So, let me know what you think by commenting on this post 😉

The Peacock's Mother book cover


No matter how deeply you bury it, the truth will always surface and love will rear its ugly head.

Melkorka’s son, Olaf, is grown now and considered the finest lad in Iceland. However, the sins of his parents still lay shadows over him.

Wanting to prove his mother’s heritage, Olaf embarks on a journey that sees him covering the waters and entering Ireland. However, this task is fraught with danger and he risks losing everything when his longship crashes into Irish waters.

Can he prove who he is to Ireland before he can prove his heritage back home in Iceland?

Meanwhile, Melkorka continues to struggle with love as her neighbour, Thorbjorn, attempts to woo her.

Can she forget how much Hoskuld hurt her and finally find love?

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