Feisty Heroines: Excerpt From ‘The Sleeping Viking Beauty’

After last week’s cover reveal for my inclusion in the Feisty Heroines anthology, I have been asked about a sneak peek. And, as they say, ask and ye shall receive 😉

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February giveaway for Feisty Heroines


Brunhild’s gaze scanned the battlefield. She could see the bright red of defeat splattered across the landscape. The smell assaulted her and she swallowed hard against it. Even though bodies lay everywhere, to her, it was the scent of victory.

Looking down at her feet, she saw the lifeless corpse of Hjalmgunnar. He should be standing next to her, waiting for Odin to congratulate him.

Instead, Brunhild had cut him down.

She tried not to dwell on her punishment as she continued to survey the fallen. She could see her sisters as they moved among the dead. Occasionally, one would drop to her knees, checking for life and helping a warrior cross into their new life as a treasured member of Odin’s army. Other times, the Valkyrie would pause before moving on, the man obviously not worthy yet. If they were to fight against the gods in the end times, the warriors selected had to be in peak condition.

A whimper startled Brunhild. A man lay close by, his blond hair streaked with blood. Blue eyes stared at her as his hand reached out.

“You are a Valkyrie?” he asked before coughing.

Brunhild nodded and knelt before him. Her coat whipped around her, slapping at her shoulders, an unfamiliar sensation after her swan-feathered one was stolen. She was captivated by the man’s gaze, by the color of his eyes.

The man’s fingers grazed across her arm. His touch jolted to her core and she gasped.

She could smell the blood coating him but, underneath, she could sense the courage in this man. He was raw with it and she had never witnessed such internal strength. He was perfect for their army.

Yet, she hesitated.

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