Who Likes Their Heroines To Be Feisty?

Feisty Heroines Anthology

Of course, the correct answer is that we all do!

This means that you will want to get your hands on the anthology I have just joined. Called Feisty Heroines, the anthology features more than 30 stories where the heroines are as plucky as hell. So, if you enjoy your romance in flavors of historical, paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary, make sure you secure your copy as soon right now!


The Feisty Heroines Anthology is now available on other platforms such as iBooks and Nook. Make sure to grab your copy now!


Plus, at 99 cents, this anthology is a steal.

So, what is my story about?

Keeping in my current theme of writing about the Vikings, my short will feature a Norse take on the Sleeping Beauty fable. Many people link this story back to the 1300s. However, there is actually an older myth to be found within the Viking sagas.

While many people have heard of the story of the Valkyrie Brunhild and her affair with Sigurd, most get caught up in the dragon in the story or the modern-day link to the Lord of the Rings. However, the very first meeting between Brunhild and Sigurd occurs while Brunhild is under a magical sleeping spell.

This spell was cast by Odin himself and Brunhild was forced to sleep until a man with no fear appeared by her side.

Luckily for Brunhild, Sigurd was just such a man!

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