NaNoWriMo 2019: Let The Story Begin!

NaNoWrimo 2019

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Here it is, 6.30 a.m. on November 1 in Australia and I am already at it regarding my word count! I have a busy day ahead of me so if I don’t get it done now, it will never happen. Plus, Day 1 is merely a mapping day, so the words come a little easier as I plot out each chapter and decide on the flow of the story. Tomorrow will be much harder.

So, what am I writing about?

If you missed my previous post, this year’s novel will be about a very special Irish princess called Melkorka (although, there are debates on whether or not this is her real name) who gets abducted by the Rus and sold into slavery.

Melkorka gets bought by a Viking called Höskuldr. He is travelling to Norway to collect decent construction wood for his farm back home in Iceland. And, to be honest, he is probably taking an extended vaycay from his wife, Jorunn. The Laxdæla saga from which Melkorka’s tale originates is quite specific in mentioning that their relationship is strained.

Melkorka, devastated by her new life as a slave refuses to speak, so everyone thinks she is actually mute. However, over time, her true identity is eventually revealed and her children go on to become much higher in status than their father as a result of her lineage.

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This is not the first time that Melkorka’s tale has been explored through the world of literature. Previously, Donna Jo Napoli has written Hush, which details Melkorka’s life.  Octavia Randolph has also written a novella called The Tale of Melkorka, which delves into Melkorka’s tale. Finally, Alfreða Jonsdottir has also published Melkorka: The Thrall Prinsessa’s Saga.

All of these books have used Melkorka’s original tale in order to inspire their own story. As I have done previously with my Vikings Secrets and Valkyrie Secrets series, I plan to take the story and use it in its entirety in order to bring the original saga to life. I will keep as close to the original tale told in the Laxdæla saga and only change those details that cannot be maintained in order to tell the story.

The Irish Viking Princess: Melkorka's tale from Irish princess to Viking captive (Gudrun's Saga Book 0) by Rachel Tsoumbakos

The Irish Viking Princess by Rachel Tsoumbakos

Melkorka’s tale in The Irish Viking Princess will be a standalone book that you can enjoy without having read any of my previous works based on the Viking sagas. However, it will also be a segue into my next Viking series!

This new series will be based heavily on a series of stories in the Laxdæla saga about a Viking woman called Gudrun. Over her lifetime, she marries many men but most of her marriages end in tragedy thanks to a prophecy revealed to her when she was young.

One of those men, Kjartan, is actually Melkorka’s grandson and named after her father, the Irish king, Myrkjartan. Another of her husbands is Kjartan’s best friend, Bolli. So, you can imagine this is going to be a heartbreaking love triangle for all involved.

However, for now, Gudrun’s story is yet to be told and Melkorka’s tale is the one I will be focusing on in its entirety during NaNoWriMo.

I will be posting some updates here but the best way to find out more about Melkorka’s tale is via my Facebook page or my newsletter. The advantage of signing up for my newsletter is the chance of catching a chapter or two of Melkorka’s tale well before the book is even finished! So, I hope to see you there 😉

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