The Valkyries Are Coming … Prepare For War!

The Unnamed Warrior, Valkyrie Secrets Book 1, by Rachel Tsoumbakos, NEW FINAL 2

I know it’s been some time since I posted here. But, there’s a reason, I promise!

Plus, I come bearing gifts to help atone my time away 😉

Over the past few months I I have been busy working on my new book series. Valkyrie Secrets is set in the same universe as my Viking Secrets series. However, I am now following the sagas of the famous Valkyries.

These women were a fierce breed who decided who would live and die on the battlefield.

Those that were chosen were taken to Valhalla where they would train — and feast — until the Viking end time called Ragnarok. Then, these warriors would be used to battle the gods in a war that is doomed before it even starts.

While there are many mentions in the Viking sagas about the famed Valkyries, there is actually not a lot of literature that describes these women. Instead, what remains of their stories is truncated or mere snippets of information that is quite often just the mention of a name.

So, as you can imagine, piecing together their sagas can be quite challenging.

Even so, I have managed to locate some really interesting stories.

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Valkyrie Secrets Facebook teaser post

The first three novellas in the Valkyrie Secrets series will delve into the strange intertwined tales of three Helgis and the Valkyries who loved these men.

In the first story, Svafa is introduced to a man without a name.

Not only does she give him a name, but she also presents him with a sword that will protect him on the battlefield.

For, while the Valkyries are tasked with selecting fierce warriors for the gods’ mighty army, Svafa has fallen in love with this man and wants nothing more than to see him live.

However, as is the way with Viking sagas, their love is doomed and a curse befalls Svafa’s beloved.

But, this is where it gets really interesting.

While the relationship is condemned, they are also reborn in a cycle that sees the pair recurring through the sagas as they fight time and again to maintain their love.

So, why don’t you check out Svafa’s story today!


Valhalla: Where the Valkyries rule and women decide the fates of mortal men.

Destined to always bring about the destruction of men, the Valkyries are tasked with gathering the ultimate army against the war they are destined to never win: Ragnarok.

But could one of these fierce women find love among the horrors of war?

Svafa thinks she can. However, thanks to the fates, she is destined to be reborn and her love must stand up against the rigours of time.

Could their love change the fated destiny of them all?



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