Exclusive Excerpt From Upcoming Book, ‘Vikings: The Truth About Aslaug And Ragnar’!

Vikings The Truth About Aslaug and Ragnar

For those you picked up a copy of Vikings: The Truth about Lagertha and Ragnar and were intrigued about Aslaug’s story, here is your chance to get the very first ever sneak peek into Aslaug’s story!

Vikings: The Truth about Aslaug and Ragnar is #3 in the Viking Secrets series. (Did you pick up your free copy of #1, Ragnar and the Women Who loved Him? If not, you can do so here.)

For those you want to find out whether Aslaug was an conniving as the character is portrayed in History Channel’s Vikings, my upcoming book will delve into Aslaug’s true story according to the sagas. (SPOILER ALERT: You might be pleasantly surprised!)

For those who can’t wait until I have finished writing the book, to find out more about Aslaug and Ragnar’s relationship, i have released an exclusive sneak peek on Wattpad. And, the great thing about Wattpad is that this excerpt is completely free to read.

So why not check it out now!

Vikings The Truth About Aslaug and Ragnar Vikings Wattpad image 3

BLURB for Vikings: The Truth about Aslaug and Ragnar

Aslaug was one of Ragnar Lodbrok’s wives and bore him many sons. However, prior to meeting him, she spent her childhood looked up in a harp. Then, when the harp owner was murdered, raised by a beastly pair who insisted Aslaug never wash in order to hide her beauty.

Once released from this life of miserable slavery, Aslaug went on to marry Ragnar Lodbrok, the famous Viking. She bore many children to him as well as help raise some of his other children. At times, her relationship with one of her stepchildren was considered questionable as she favoured him over even her own children.

‘Vikings: The Truth About Aslaug and Ragnar’ is so much more than a history book though. Part One brings the whole story to life with a historically accurate novel of their lives. Part Two then examines the historical facts behind this famous Viking couple.

The ‘Viking Secrets’ series explores the historical fact from present day fiction in regards to the Vikings and other key historical figures that existed in the Viking era.

You can add this book to your Goodreads list here.

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