BOOK REVIEW: Kismet by April Canavan

Kismet by April Canavan

Kismet by April Canavan
Publication date: August 11, 2017
Genres: Mystery, police, procedural


Birch County is a peaceful place to live along Maine’s rocky coast. Mostly. Follow along as the men and women of the Birch County Sheriff’s Department struggle to keep the inhabitants safe and stumble along in their personal lives as well. Hopefully you’ll see them find their own versions of happily ever after along the way.

Maya, a police dispatcher by trade, is one of the residents of Birch County, expecting her life to be quiet and peaceful. Until the night she’s attacked in her own home. In the aftermath of her attack, she struggles to love not only herself but to love someone else as well.

Brian has seen terrible things during his time as a deputy in Birch County, but nothing prepares him for the attack on one of his own.

While Maya struggles to find her own sense of normal, Brian and the other members of Birch County Sheriff’s Department must figure out who her attacker was, before he comes back to finish the job.





DISCLAIMER: This book/eBook being reviewed was purchased independently and is a part of my private library. I have in no way been compensated for this review.

I haven’t read a lot of mystery books for quite a while and am glad I jumped back in with a book like Kismet. The book captures the reader and draws them in to the horrific story of Maya and her stalker.

The author is spectacular at describing the disturbing scenes when Maya is attacked, so I am certainly adding a trigger warning here. However, as a result of the author’s way with words in these instances, the reader is drawn into the tale and cannot escape until the very end.

While I thoroughly loved this book, I did find a few faults. In the beginning of Kismet, the characters do tend to seesaw somewhat. At times some characters seem to jump from one emotion to another without much provocation. This eases though as the story develops, and the characters then maintain a believable course for their personalities.

In addition, there were times when action was building and the author chose to cut away from this action. While she did come back to it, to explain the finer details, sometimes it threw me out of the moment when all I really wanted to do was immerse myself in the story. Once again, though, this is minor and I would really like to recommend Kismet ot those who love a good cop story or procedural mystery.

Over all, I am giving Kismet by April Canavan 4 out of 5 stars.


April spends her time wandering through the woods chasing after a precocious child, trying to keep the voices of her characters in check as they tell their stories. Sometimes, though, those characters need to be heard. That’s when you can find April curled up into a ball surrounded by snacks and playlists with her favorite music, fleshing out the stories in her mind’s eye. She is a member of the Maine Romance Writers. If you can’t find her wandering around her website you can find her on Facebook and Twitter.



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