NaNoWriMo 2016 Winner: The Year In Which I Wrote A Historical Account Of Lagertha And Ragnar


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So, National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) 2016 is heading into the home stretch with only two or three days left, depending on what part of the world you are in. While the month started off slowly for myself, with having to juggle work and the dreaded lurgy that only seems to hit me during NaNoWriMo. However, by mid-month I was finally getting myself engrossed in my novel, which helped with the word count.

Things really started to come together though when I had a scheduled power outage a week ago. Seven hours with no power meant I could curl up on the couch with my cats and write like a maniac. I had on hand a fully charged tablet and two power banks to get me through the electricity-free day. On that day alone, my NaNoWriMo novel bulked out by 5,000 words.

Since that day, and the fact I was finally able to see the finish line off in the distance, I settled in for a writing frenzy nearly every day after that point. This meant I crossed the finish line at 11.30 p.m. on Saturday night. Except, thanks to my novel requiring a bucket-load of footnotes in the first half, when I put my novel into the NaNoWriMo validator, I fell 250 words short.

All I can say is, thank god for epilogues! 😉

So, what is my book about this year?

Normally, this is where I start telling you about my latest paranormal horror. But, not this year. Since I have started working for the Inquisitr, I have been working on articles about TV shows. One of those shows is one I recap on The Snarking Dead Recaps, called Vikings. Thanks to the fact many of the articles are based on comparison between the historical truth about the Vikings and History’s interpretation of it, I have learned an awful lot about the stories and sagas based on them. (Plus, if you are a fan like I am, you can check out my non-spoiler review of the Season 4 return here.)

The Truth Behind Lagertha and Ragnar by Rachel Tsoumbakos Bookmark image

Temporary cover at for ‘The Truth Behind Lagertha and Ragnar’ by Rachel Tsoumbakos

So, this year, taking all that knowledge, I decided to delve into the story involving what seems to be everyone’s favourite Viking couple, Lagertha and Ragnar Lothbrok. My NaNoWriMo novel covered a historical look at the story involving this couple as well as a fictional recount of their story (hence the need for footnotes in the first half of the novel).

The Synopsis for my NaNoWroMo novel, The Truth Behind Lagertha and Ragnar is below.

“Lagertha was known to be one of the wives of the famous Viking, Ragnar Lodbrok. But did you know they first met each other at a brothel? And just how long did their marriage last? Was Lagertha really the revered shield maiden we see her as today? ‘The Truth Behind the Vikings: Lagertha and Ragnar’ aims to unravel all these secrets.

This book is so much more than a history book though. While Part One examines the historical facts, Part Two brings their whole story to life with an historically accurate novel about their lives.

The Truth Behind Lagertha and Ragnar aims to discover just how much of what we know of the shield maiden, Lagertha, and the famous Ragnar Lodbrok in popular culture today is actually true.

The Truth Behind series explores the historical fact from present day fiction in regards to the Vikings and other key historical figures that existed in the Viking era.”

Yes, you read that right, this book is the first in a series, so tell me, which famous Viking would you like to read about next?

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3 Responses to NaNoWriMo 2016 Winner: The Year In Which I Wrote A Historical Account Of Lagertha And Ragnar

  1. marctom1 says:

    Great stuff Rachel!
    And I thought I was going strong with 2300 words today!
    You must be very disciplined.

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