Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 11, “Pablo & Jessica”

The first four episodes are complete and the last four of Fear the Walking Dead await. But before we can get on the slide down to the end of Season 2. So let’s get back to where we sorta left off…

Things are looking bad for Madison (Kim Dickens) and Strand (Colman Domingo). Zombies are spilling over the bar and while they can deal with them at the moment, that won’t last long. Madison hears Alicia (Alycia Debnam-Carey) and wants to go after her. She finds the storage area behind the bar and while there’s no way out, there is a zombie crawling after Madison. She puts it’s ass down and then called to Strand to join her. What’s the plan? She punctures the zombie good, getting up a lot of blood, and they pull off The Nick Trick(tm) covering themselves in blood so they can make a run for it. Which the do. To the truck. Which isn’t there. Strand figures the girls took it, but as there are a lot of the undead standing around they ain’t exactly got time to chat this shit up. They managed to get to another part of the hotel, one that’s sealed and safe, and hunker down…

Source: Fear the Walking Dead, Season 2, Episode 11, “Pablo & Jessica”


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