BOOK REVIEW: A Girl Called Wolf by Stephen Swartz

A Girl Called Wolf by Stephen Swartz

A Girl Called Wolf by Stephen Swartz
Publication date: December 9, 2015
Genres: Contemporary, Women’s Fiction


Ice and snow are all 12 year old Anuka knows outside the hut in Greenland where she was born. When her mama dies, Anuka struggles to survive. The harsh winter forces her to finally journey across the frozen island to the village her mama always feared.

But the people of the village don’t know what to do with this girl. They try to educate and bring her into the modern world, but Anuka won’t make it easy for them. She sees dangers at every turn and every day hears her fate echoing in her mama’s voice.

Her mama gave her that name for a reason. She is A GIRL CALLED WOLF who searches for the place where she belongs, a destination always just out of reach, on a path she will always make her own.





DISCLAIMER: The books/eBooks being reviewed were provided free of charge in return for an honest review.

To be honest, I first picked this book up after reading the blurb and deciding the book might be similar to Jean M. Auel’s Clan of the Cave Bear series. It’s not. However, I still thoroughly enjoyed A Girl Called Wolf.

Right from the very start, the author manages to captivate the reader with the simplistic view of the small world of Anuka. As Anuka grows and matures, so does the narrative. The reader gets to grow and evolve alongside Anuka as her life journey takes her such a far, far way away from where she was born.

While the narrative is wonderful, there is one part of the story that lost me a little. Without giving away the story, Anuka ends up in a situation that results in her changing her whole life. This event is actually glossed over with the story jumping dramatically to further on in the character’s life. I would have loved to have been involved in this event–harrowing as it was–because the jump tends to throw you out of the story and for a short time you are less engaged in why Anuka changed her life so dramatically. However, the story does quickly catch up and the reader finds themselves engaged once more in a story that is hard to put down.

This story is actually based on a real person although some parts of the story have been given creative license.

Overall, I am giving A Girl Called Wolf by Stephen Swartz 4.5 out of 5 stars. (Rounding it up to 5 stars for Amazon and GoodReads.)


Author Stephen SwartzStephen Swartz grew up in Kansas City where he was an avid reader of science-fiction and quickly began emulating his favorite authors. Since then, Stephen studied music in college and, like many writers, worked at a wide range of jobs: from French fry guy to soldier, to IRS clerk to TV station writer, before heading to Japan for several years of teaching English. Now Stephen is a Professor of English at a university in Oklahoma, where he teaches many kinds of writing. He still can be found obsessively writing his latest manuscript, usually late at night. He has only robot cats.





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6 Responses to BOOK REVIEW: A Girl Called Wolf by Stephen Swartz

  1. alisondeluca says:

    Great review – I really want to read A Girl Called Wolf!

  2. Stephen Swartz says:

    Thanks so much for the review!
    I can only guess at which point in the story you say it jumps. Also without giving away what happens, if it is the spot I’m guessing, it just seemed to me that after narrating a rather routine life in a big city I didn’t want the next chapter to be more of the same…so I let the narrative jump ahead to something more exciting, then filled in how we got there. [Confession]
    Even so, thank you for the review! And so glad you enjoyed it! I’ll share this review with Anna Good (@Anna4anybody).

  3. Anna says:

    Thank you for reviewing this book!!!!!

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