The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 12: “Not Tomorrow Yet”

Here’s what went down in Episode 12 (entitled “Not Tomorrow Yet”) of Season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead:

  • Carol’s (Melissa McBride) cooking – this could end badly. Now she’s collecting acorns and killing walkers and shit. Dammit, there’s another floral shirt ruined. Better have a shower and pick out another soccer mom outfit. Although, to be honest Carol, I don’t think the Alexandrians are falling for your disguise anymore. Especially not when you’re handing out homemade cookies. Is Alexandria the new Waco? Carol may have all intentions of feeding the masses, but even when people are as hungry as they are in Alexandria, they are still a bit hesitant to try her home cooking.
  • Rick (Andrew Lincoln) arrives back in Alexandria and calls a meeting in the church. Carol asks what’s going on. Rick says they have to fight. Carol pulls out her cookies. Maybe that’s the way to do it?

You can read the rest of this recap at The Snarking Dead Recaps by clicking here.

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