The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 11: “Knots Untie”

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TWD S6 E11 Jesus Outside Hilltop

Rachel was busy this last weekend, so here I am with The Walking Dead recap of Episode 11, Knots Untie. Let’s jump right in this sucker, ‘cause it’s time to check out the living and the dead.

  • Abraham and Sasha are entering the main gate of the Alexandria Safe Zone after returning from a patrol, and he’s going on about one he did in Afghanistan that seems to have something to do with a camel eating keys, which she’s not buying. He’s making it clear he’s a bit freaked about Maggie being pregnant, but Sasha’s blowing it off, giving him the “You’re a dumb fuck” look. He says he’ll see her tomorrow, but since she’s on a new shift that’s not going to happen, and this leads to Uncomfortable Silence Moment—maybe because there’s a quick cut to a close up of Rosita’s face lying next to him in bed…

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