‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Mid Season Return Predictions


With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, let’s have a look at some predictions for the Season 6 return of AMC’s The Walking Dead! (You seriously didn’t think this would be a post about romance, did you? 😉 ) Last year Cassidy and I did a predictions post for the first half of Season 6, so here’s our predictions for the second half.

CF:  And thanks for having me back!  It was a lot of fun then, and it’s gonna be fun now!

SPOILER ALERT: You know the drill. If you don’t have your big girl panties on, please proceed with caution…

THAT Prologue Teaser Clip

RT: You know the one, we all saw it after the midseason finale. Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus), Abraham, (Michael Cudlitz) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) are pulled over and introduced to Negan’s (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) group. Cassidy thinks this is when Jesus Monroe (Tom Payne) will also be introduced to the audience and I tend to agree with her. The introduction of both of these groups at the same time immediately sets up the midseason premiere for the story arc for Season 6.

CF:  I’ve read in the last couple of days Paul “Jesus” Monroe will show up in Episode 10 of the next half-season, which means he appears the week after the Valentine Day premiere.  However, we doesn’t know the time frame in which the events in the teaser clip happen within Episode 9, so I could see those events happening near the end of the episode, and just before Negan’s guys “pop” Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham, Jesus leaps out of the brush, does his hack and slash thing, then delivers the “Boy, you’re world is certainly about to change!” line.  Sort of like the way Aaron was introduced to the TV fans.

Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 8 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Seth Gilliam as Father Gabriel – The Walking Dead, Season 6, Episode 8 – Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Father Gabriel Will Help Get The Walkers Out of Alexandria.

RT: You all know I am not a big fan of Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam). So even if this comes to eventuate like it did in the comics, I’m really not sure it is enough to make me like him still. However, it might be the only thing that will help Gabriel on his road to audience redemption.

CF:  Gabriel does help in the GN (Graphic Novel), and I can see him starting to do so given their current situation.  However, I do believe that we’re about to see the last of Alexandria (see below).

Norman Reedus stars as Daryl Dixon in Season 6 of AMC's The Walking Dead

[Image Credit: AMC]

Daryl Will Die.

RT: I really feel this in my bones for the remainder of Season 6. I also think that fans will think Daryl will be the trade off for Glenn’s (Steven Yeun) expected death at the hands of Negan. And, perhaps it might be… for a while. I really don’t know when and where Daryl will die, but I think it will certainly be at the hands of Negan’s group.

CF:  I do think Daryl’s gonna die, only because given the way the show’s going, Daryl’s being played up as the odd guy out.  How he dies is the real question.  I think it’s possible we could see one, maybe two other characters die before the end of the season as well . . .

Steven Yeun stars as Glenn Rhee in AMC's The Walking Dead

[Screen capture via AMC]

Glenn Will Die… But Not Quite Yet.

RT: You know I really, REALLY don’t what this to happen but I think the comic fans have pushed AMC into a corner they can’t get out of now without killing Glenn 😦 Besides the introduction of Negan, I would say the death of Glenn is fan favourite for upcoming events. If AMC does what they have in the past, and superimpose a comic death or event onto another character, there will be a riot of “if Daryl dies, we riot” type proportions. I think if this wasn’t such a cannon event for the comics, there might have been a chance Glenn survived, but, unfortunately, so much hinges on his death as far as moving the story along that I have to put on my big girl panties and suck it up. However, I would bet this event doesn’t happen until Season 7 since Negan will not actually appear in the flesh until the Season 6 finale.

CF:  I remember reading back while the season was currently airing that THE SCENE was already filmed and that it would air this season, though the article didn’t go into detail if the scene followed the GN.  Steven Yeun admitted maybe three years ago on late night TV over here (the US) that he knew going into the role about Glenn because he was a fan of the GN, and he accepted that he had a limited shelf life.  I believe Steven, being the geek he is, would demand to film the scene as is, but you know AMC:  they can do anything they like.  And we saw how bad that went when the network did their own Jon Snow stunt ’cause fans were pissed when it ultimately turned out that Glenn wasn’t dead.  Besides, now that we’ve been teased to hell and gone about Not Dead Glenn, AMC has no choice but to smoke him, and if he doesn’t die the way he’s supposed to, I think those of us who know the GN are gonna be pissed.  Also, there’s a bun in the oven, and all this leads to Maggie setting out on the path she takes.

Now, I have a few things to offer:

Carl loses an eye in the comic book version of The Walking Dead

[Image Credit: Image]

Do We Start Out the New Season With Carl Loosing His Eye?

CF:  In the GN when Rick attempts to lead the people from Jessie’s home to safety, her son, “Where’s My Cookies?” Sam, sort of freaks out and gets set upon by the very monsters with which Carol threatened his ass.  Jessie goes after him, but she’s holding on to Carl and won’t let go, and . . . well, things go to hell fast.  It’s during this point Carl wishes he hadn’t asked for that Red Ryder Carbine Action 200-shot Range Model air rifle, and he spends the rest of the show playing Governor Jr…  This is another of those things that I’ve read has already been filmed, and if that is true I’m extremely surprised the first half of the season didn’t end with this event.

The upshot is I think Carl’s about to take a shot to the face, and his life is about to change greatly.  I also believe he’d going to get another life change . . .

RT: I am also surprised this didn’t happen in the mid season finale. I know there is a grainy image out there of what looks like Chandler Riggs on set as Carl with what appears to be a bandage over one eye, so I really thought AMC would leave us on an awesome cliffhanger rather than that stupid fade out of Sam being a sook.

How Much of Hilltop Colony and The Sanctuary Will We See, and Are We About to See the End of Alexandria?

CF:  When we meet Jesus we learn about his home, Hilltop Colony, and once we meet Negan we learn about his home, The Sanctuary.  In the GN everyone from the ASZ moves to Hilltop only because they have nowhere else to go, which means we need a set for the place, right?

Ask and you shall receive.

Welcome to Hilltop

Welcome to Hilltop [Image Credit: Spoiling Dead Fans]

This is the most current image from The Spoiling Dead Fans of the set constructed for the Hilltop Colony, and where most of the action in the March to War and All Out War story lines take place in the GN.  The show has worked on this set for several months, and I can imagine some filming has already taken place.

The location hasn’t yet appeared on Google Maps, but based upon the curving road in the picture above, I’ve located the site:

Right there in the black border.

Right there in the black border.

RT: I love that you found this on Google maps!

CF:  I so know this area well.  I found the ASZ right away once the walls were up.

If you’re looking for this place on Google Maps, it’s about a quarter-mile/half a kilometer from Raleigh Studios in Senoia, Georgia.  Raleigh was the stand-in for The Prison during Seasons 3 through 5, and the above site is about a half mile/nine hundred meters south of the house that was using for the Greene Farm.  It’s a perfect location because now The Walking Dead crew can film here as long as they’d like, and not worry about keeping expensive houses behind large walls–which is what is being used as the stand-in for Alexandria.

I think it’s likely that we’ve seen the last of Alexandria because it is a bunch of walls standing around some rather expensive homes in Senoia, and with the story being permanently moved to Hilltop for the next few seasons means the show can pretty much do anything they like.  It might mean a major change in the story line once everyone goes to war, but why should now in the show be any different?

Also, rumors have it that Raleigh Studios has a multi-year lease on an abandoned factory site in East Griffin, Georgia, about twenty miles/thirty-two kilometers east of Senoia.  Chances are good that this will act as the stand-in for The Sanctuary, the home of Negan and his people.  Here’s what it looks like on Google Maps.

Hope the neighbors don't mind all the zombies milling about the joint.

Hope the neighbors don’t mind all the zombies milling about the joint.

RT: I haven’t yet read to this part of the comics, so I will bow down to you on these details Cassidy and eagerly await to see them unfold on TV 😉

Will Other Major Characters Die Before the End of the Season 6?

CF:  For the next eight episodes a lot of people will be sitting on their machetes and katanas waiting to see if Glenn joins the Undead.  However, if you are a fan of the GN you saw the ground work laid for the deaths of at least two more major characters, and the question remains:  are we gonna see more than one major character die before the end of Season 6?  I would say it’s likely we may see one of those characters die, but the other may not happen until sometime in Season 7.

RT: I rally feel like AMC have quietened down in the shock deaths department for one reason alone: it’s time to go on a mass killing spree. The contracts being just about ready for renewal for many actors on the show will likely have something to do with it as well. While I am not 100% sure who has been lined up for the chopping block, I expect there will be many more than two major characters gone by the Season 6 finale. Looking forward into Season 7, my survivor predictions are: Rick, Carl, Carol, Abraham, Maggie, Michonne. While I think there will be more left standing when the dust settles, these six are the ones I think AMC would be stupid to get rid of at this point in time.

Is Enid About to Become Carl’s New Lydia?

CF:  This is simply speculation about an event that, in the GN, doesn’t happen for about two-and-a-half years, but what the hell, the show has changed things up here and there, so why not now?  Anyway, Carl has a girlfriend, Lydia, though it’s more like she’s attracted to him, he’s attracted to her, and of late they’ve been doing what kids with raging hormones will do if given a chance–

And who’s gonna stop them?  Rick?  Right . . .

One of the things Lydia finds interesting about Carl is his lost eye, which she finds “sexy”.  (In case you don’t read the GN, this is the second girl to say his scars are sexy, the first being Sophia, who told him while he recovered from his shooting at the Greene Farm that “scars were sexy”.  Sophia was like eight at the time she made this comment, proving kids grow up fast in the Zombie Apocalypse.)  Now, is there anyone else in Alexandria who might find Carl’s scars sexy?

"I wonder if he's busy tonight? I know a place that serves great turtle."

“I wonder if he’s busy tonight? I know a great place that serves the best turtle.”

When Enid (Katelyn Nacon) left Alexandria at the end of JSS, there was no hint of her returning.  In fact, when she was on The Talking Dead after the JSS episode the impression given was that viewers had seen the last of Enid.  But it seems that she was hanging out with Glenn (literally), and given that Glenn tends to get people to look at life differently–because that’s the sort of dude he is–it’s possible that Enid may find reason to stick around and hang with the rest of the survivors.  And given that she’s the sort of girl who already sort of finds Carl interesting–I’m sorry, “scared of, too”–her interest meter might totally peg red line if he were, you know, suddenly maimed.

If she survives Episodes 9 and 10, keep an eye on these two crazy kids.

RT: I really want this to be a thing. It would be nice to see how twisted AMC can make this relationship. After all, for these two characters, it is probably their first real adult relationship since shit got real and they will have no idea on how real people are supposed to behave.

[Image credits: AMC]

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4 Responses to ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6 Mid Season Return Predictions

  1. Penelope says:

    (Is this a duplicate? Not sure… computer hates me today…whatever…)

    Looks like it is going to be an interesting season. They’ve set us up for a lot of potential deaths. Can’t wait to see who bites it and who makes it and who just loses an eye! Great write-up, ladies.

  2. This is the part in the book where people start dying pretty bad. Not quite Prison death bad, but it’s up there.

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