Fear the Walking Dead, Season 1, Episode 6: “The Good Man”

FTWD Ep 6 Travis

It’s time to go

It Comes Back to Haunt Us plays as we fly over a blacked out L.A. bathed in the light of a full moon. Everything is dark, though there are a few fires here and there. The end has come, it seems, and L. A. didn’t come out the other side the better for it. We also see the doors of the arena that Daniel visited at the end of the last episode rockin’ and rollin’ as the zombies want out to play. Like I said, Chekhov’s Zombie Pit From Hell: wait for it, bitches.

RT: I really wish they had done more of these types shots through season 1. It’s a great way to so the progression of everything outside the characters we know.

CF:  If they stay in the L. A. area, I hope they show the deterioration of the city like the did with the middle of Season 5 with Atlanta.  I’m sure things will go slowly.  And if there’s an earthquake . . .

RT: Oh, an earthquake, I hadn’t factored that in! *runs hands together in glee*

CF:  I would love to see them deal with that.

Madison and Travis are packing as Chris and Alicia enter. It’s time to go, no more bullshit, ‘cause Travis tells them the troops are pulling out and it’s time to boogie. They’re heading into the desert right after they get Liza and Nick, so chop-chop.

Daniel tells Madison and Travis that Adams’ info checked out, he found an arena full of infected, and now . . . he’s about to blow the dude away, no doubt about that shit. Adams starts the pleading, says that the place they’re going to is huge and he can get them to Liza and Nick, so they need him. Travis makes the call—they’re taking him. Daniel looks like he’s ready to smoke Travis.

Ofelia is packing and still not happy with the new facts about her dad. Madison gives the house one last look, saying her goodbyes, then she’s out of the house and down to the car along with everyone else. Someone’s out walking their dog and Madison wants to warn him, but Ofelia says screw him, none of these people stepped in and helped when Nick and her mom were taken. Hard core, but at this point it’s every person for themselves.

RT: This is my only gripe with the episode. I think, after being locked in together for nine days, people would have gotten close. It just felt wrong not to warn people. They only had to tell that one person after all, let them spread the word.

CF:  I think the key was when, in Ep 4, Travis said about Doug, “I don’t really know him.”  They were still in that mode of “I don’t really know the majority of my neighbors, so let them go.”  And it was Ofelia speaking to Madison, and the first one doesn’t know anyone, and Maddie was certainly giving away all her shits.  Madison made that decision in a fast second not to say a damn thing.

RT: Good point. I guess, being in a small town, I have quickly forgotten what the urban sprawl is really like.

CF:  I would think even more so in a place like a neighborhood of Los Angeles.  Most of the people probably keep to themselves.  I think Madison only knew Suzie well because she was her babysitter.

Doctor Exner gets the word they’re evacuating, but when she’s speaking to the choppers on the radio they are taking their time responding. She’s got that “This shit ain’t good” look on her face, but her voice remains steady. She lets everyone know they’re leaving soon, and Liza wants to know when everyone else she left behind is coming, particularly her son and Nick. Exner shines her own, and it really comes off like a snow job.

Before leaving the homestead Adams is begging Travis for his life; he knows Daniel is gonna smoke him no matter what. Travis still wants to believe shit is gonna get better, and letting some former torture master to off a soldier, so it’s not a great stretch to think Trav is gonna make another bad decision and let Adams go.

RT: I just KNEW this was gonna come back and bite him on the arse! But, at the end of the day, it is exactly what we knew Travis would do.

CF:  Yeah, in a nearly perfect episode it was a bad touch, because you knew Adams was gonna bite their arses hard at some point.  Like you say, we knew he was going to do this.

The Family Units pulls out and make their way slowly out of the neighborhood. They see people in their homes, before their windows, still playing at being normal. They get to the main gate and it’s abandoned: no one’s there. Daniel gets the gate open, everyone drives out, and it’s adios, dudes, we’re so busy getting out of here we’re just gonna leave the fucking gate open! Seriously, Travis was the last dude out, and apparently he left all his fucks back at the house because he doesn’t even look back as he drives away. Hey, I don’t like my neighbors, either!

CF: This was some ice cold shit, and it showed Travis starring to flip. You know all those people are just so dead.

RT: Completely agree Cassidy! I wonder if we will ever find out if any of the L.A. quarantine zone survived? I hope we do and I hope there is some massive guilt over this one.

CF:  I think some people will come back at points in the future.

At the compound a few troops are going on about how the brass has split, that there’s no one around go really give orders anymore. That’s when Daniel shows up looking to get in. The soldiers question why here’s there and he if doesn’t move they’re gonna blast him. He tells them to save their ammo—

FTWD Ep 6 Daniel

“Make sure you say hello to my little friends.”

‘Cause right about then you see he’s brought backup—about a thousand fucking zombies, all the ones that were up inside the sports arena down the street.

RT: I loved that he had them trained already. He just needs to cut off their arms and parade them around on chains…

CF:  Daniel is the Zombie Whisperer.

RT: Hahaha! Yes 😀 Humans are scared of him, but the zombies, like a flock they are drawn to him 😉

CF:  If Daniel and Carol ever got together, think of their kids!



That’s it, shit in the fan time is with us. People are going nuts, alarms are going off, and The Family Unit met up in an underground garage. Daniel says the walkers are at the north gate and it’s time to get their people.

CF:  What I love at this point is no one is asking about what the hell is going on. Did Daniel just say, “I’m gonna turn some of those undead assholes loose on these putas” and everyone was like, “Cool”? Well, I’m guessing Madison was good with it . . .

RT: I’m guessing they didn’t give Travis most of the specifics of the rescue plan… Although, what I really want to know if how the hell did Daniel open the arena doors without getting swamped by walkers?

CF:  I saw in another comment thread they thought Daniel would have been smart enough to get everything set up at the front, then run around to another side, make a hell of a lot of noise, then go back to the front, cut a couple of chains, remove the boards, and get the hell out of the way.  Since the zombies would have needed to come down stairs/an incline, he could have made it to the street in one piece while they fell and needed to get back up.

RT: I’m happy with that 😉

Adams is not with the group; Travis says he got info from him and cut him loose. Daniel’s pissed, but does nothing. Chris and Alicia are told to stay with the cars and leave if they aren’t back in thirty minutes, book.

Strand and Nick are chillin’, and Nick is losing it, but Strand is cool and trying to get Nick to settle down. He finally gets him talking about where he’s from—right when all hell breaks loose. Strand hears the Army dudes cutting lose on full auto and says it’s time to go, but he can’t find the key. Turns out Nick had it: he lifted it from Strand, just in case.

RT: I loved the couple of moments when Strand got genuinely concerned. You could tell he was just starting to wonder if this thing was too big for even him to shimmy out of.

CF:  I loved how Nick showed Strand just who was in charge.  Strand may be some big shit back in the old world, but a junkie played him.  He won’t forget that.

RT: Absolutely agree! I think Strand may have bitten off more than he can chew with Nick (no pun intended). I get the feeling Strand chose that group because he thought he could control them or use them to his advantage. However, I think Nick might be the one to play the player.

CF:  You could see Nick connecting to Strand in a strange way–like he’s the father he’s been missing all his life.  He knows the dude is a player, and probably as strange as him, so he’s watching and, if you notice, listening.  When Nick starts listening to someone, watch out.

It’s all going to hell in the compound. Exner wants to know where the hell their evac is: she says it’s clear, the helos tell her they’re “assessing”. Exner pulls the pin, tells everyone to leave and lets Liza know she’ll take care of the patients. She watches a helicopter fly off, then tells Liza to just run. Exner’s shutting it down mentally: you can see it in whatever’s left behind her eyes. She’s seeing way down into abyss right now . . .

Chris won’t sit still: can we say “Stay in the fucking car, Chris!” He should have stayed because a few soldiers show up, smack him around a little, then punch him out, and take their shiny SUV. Shit happens, kids.

RT: Another day, another time a kid won’t stay in the house… Oh, sorry, wrong show…

CF:  No, seriously, if Chris is gonna be the “I wanna do something” pain in the ass teen, his shit is gonna get old fast.  Carl at least was a master at being annoying:  Chris is someone you just wanna slap.  And you know he’s gonna play the “My mom died” routine for the first few episodes until either Travis kicks his ass or Alicia has sex with him.  And if it’s the later we can play the “My period is late” game!

RT: I’m placing my money on having to send Nick out to the pharmacy– what could go wrong with Nick and a pharmacy?

CF:  Yeah, Nick and another girl off to the pharmacy . . .  (Girl)  “I’ll have sex with you.”  (Nick)  “Fucking Oxy!  Totally righteous!”  Yeah, what could go wrong?

Strand waltzes out of the joint leaving everyone behind. Dude is ice cold and doesn’t give a shit on anything. It’s so bad Nick is having trouble believing they guy doesn’t care. Strand says they’re leaving, fuck everyone else, and once they’re out of here they’ll find Abigail . . .

The Family Units enters the main checkpoint and they find the way to Admin as the firefight goes on outside. Liza gets outside, watching all the crazy go down. There’s a breakthroughs here and there: zombies inside the wire, man! Soldiers getting bit, going down, dying hard, lots of screaming and pain. Liza watches a guy who was bit bad run towards a chopper, and when they wave him off, he runs right into the tail rotor of a chopper.

Fear The Walking Dead 2015

“No chance a band-aid is gonna fix that.”

The fence is down—it’s feeding time! Time for everyone to get the fuck out or die.

CF: This was a great sequence. Not because it was all about the zombies, but because it showed just how bad something like this could get. This was the Battle of Yonkers made small.

Strand and Nick are on their way out, closing doors behind them and heading down empty corridors. They come across someone getting eaten by a zombie. Strand gives not a fuck and gets a light from another dead guy. The guy being eaten is the dude with his watch and cuff links. Strand takes back the links, tells the dude to keep the watch. He begs to be killed, but Strand leave him, says he’s well on his way. They run as the zombies get in and come after them.

The Family Unit get to the holding pens; they shout for Nick and are told he left with a guy in a suit. Travis lets people out; Daniel wants to split.

Strand and Nick reach a locked door with zombies on their ass. And they get ready to make a last stand—

"Any chance I can interest you in some shinny cuff links?"

“Any chance I can interest you in some shiny cuff links?”

—when Nick sees Travis and Madison heading their way. She can’t get them out and Nick tells her to go, just go.

RT: Seriously, this scene. Just everything about Nick and Madison made the long wait through character development *rolls her eyes at the haters* all completely worth it. That single moment, with Nick looking through the door, telling Madison to go. It. Just. Broke. My. Heart. This is exactly why a slow burn is so much better than constant zombies.

CF:  There was just a second there, just a moment, when you saw a look on Nick’s face that was like, “It’s okay, Mom.  It’s okay.”  Nick knew he was going and he was good with it, and he didn’t want her to see it happen or feel bad.  Frank Dillane has really been great in the role being everything–good, bad, sympathetic, an asshole–and in that moment accepting of his fate.  No “Save me!” no “Get me out!”  He knew there was no reason his mother should die because of him.  And yes:  Character Development, bitches–that’s what happened in this show.  You need it.

RT: Seriously, I know people are saying Frank Dillane looks like Johnny Depp, but part of it is the ability to pull a scene like this.

CF:  Six episodes in and he’s really giving sublime acting lessons.

Liza shows with a card key and they finally get out, but zombies are right behind them. Everyone makes their way through the kitchen expecting the worst. And then it happens: Infected coming out of the way, and everyone’s taking down zombies! Even Nick kills one trying to eat his mom.

FTWD Ep 6 Zombie Kill

CF:  All I can say is fuck yeah, this was intense! I was literally holding my breath the whole time. And as far as fights go on Fear or The Walking Dead, this was brutal. No fancy running head shots from fifteen meters/fifty feet away, no crossbow bolt through the eye, this was up close and personal with tools and hammers and a pistol.

RT: The hand to hand battles are always my favourites. It makes it so personal, so scary, so edge of your seat. I stress ate an entire large bag of potato chips through this.

CF:  I noticed, too, that with them being freshly undead their skulls weren’t cracking that easily.  That’s gonna be a problem for the first month or so.

RT: Is it wrong that I love how hard it is to kill these fuckers? The Walking Dead will start next week and we’ll be like *sigh* “Why are you dying guys, the walkers are practically kindling now.”

CF:  Right now the big threat in The Walking Dead is how many walkers they’re dealing with–but with the right teamwork they can take them out.  On Fear, they’ve got months before it starts getting easy to kill these bastards out.  And the thing that was said on Talking Dead about L. A. being a dry climate?  The skin is gonna dry out and mummify.  These bastards are gonna be tough to take out.

Strand leaves with them, helping lock the zombies inside the kitchen. Daniel wants to know where his wife is; Liza gives him the bad news, then gives the details to Ofelia. There’s nothing there: she’s gone. The group finally reach the hospital and discover everyone has been put down by Exner, who they catch finishing the last patient. They try to get her to leave with them; Exner’s like, where the fuck are you going? There’s nowhere to go. Liza’s trying to get her to leave, saying she can help people. Exner isn’t listening, doesn’t care. She’s ready for the end. After she’s left behind she looks at the captive bolt pistol like she’s gonna use it one last time . . .

RT: You didn’t see the kill. I bet she turns up again in season 2 😉

CF:  Probably.  Just like Adams.  Just as the most likable character on The Walking Dead, Merle did.

RT: Adams will be the “Where’s Wally” of the apocalypse. Just when you think he’s dead, nope there he is again!

Strand wants to know the plan; Madison says they’re going to the desert. Nope, he says it’s screwed, too, he has a place on the water ready to go. Outside the sun’s up and they find the remains of a huge bonfire—nothing but partial bodies and ash. Ofelia realizes her mother could be in there.

RT: Correct me if I’m wrong, but was there a weird time jump here? Didn’t they enter the facility at night? Now it’s bright daylight. They only told Chris and Alicia to wait half an hour after all.

CF:  It did seem as if the sun was up either real early, or they cut out from home early in the morning.  It was one thing that was really off.  I think it would have been a lot spookier if they’d come across it in like half-morning light.

RT: Absolutely. Also, is the facility the hospital we saw earlier in the season? The windows look the same.

CF:  According to yvrshoots.com, it’s Vancouver’s former RCMP E Division Headquarters.

FTWD Ep 6 Bodies

Back at the garage they find Chris, Alicia, and the SUV gone. However, the kids were hiding and are okay. Right then Adams shows up and draws down on Daniel. Thanks, Travis: he’s gonna blow him away. Ofelia begs for it not to happen, and he shoots Ofelia instead. Travis jumps on Adams and beats him—well, could be bed, could be half-dead, doesn’t matter. His ass is pummeled bad.

RT: Hate to point it out again, but this is what AMC does do well; character development. I really did not like Travis at all going into this. The interviews at San Diego Comic Con didn’t help and then his character was so bloody SPINELESS. However, by the end of this episode, AMC had me loving Travis big time.

CF:  Beating Adams was his Crazy Rick moment; he knew he fucked up, and he just lost it.  He was on a slow burn down Crazy Lane, and he finally snapped.  That was why I said he was starting to lose it when he left the gate open:  he’d finally reached “Lack of Shits = Zero” and got out of there.  I do love that Cliff Curtis admitted on The Talking Dead that Madison is the bad ass in the group.  When he said that I realized his character is learning to survive, but it’s gonna take time.

RT: Oh, good point about the gate.

L.A. is burning in the morning light. Everyone’s heading out of town, taking Strand’s advice to follow the river to the ocean. The overhead shows how bad things are: roads above are clogged and parts of the city are still burning.

RT: I actually cried as they drove out. The music, the slow mo drive, the cinematography, it was just beautiful, sad, epic.

CF:  You just felt they were probably passing small groups still alive in the city, but they’re on their own mission.  Not time for them.

RT: Yep, I questioned some of those people on the road, some could have been people, not walkers.

They gets to Strand’s place, and it’s obvious dude has money: complete Casa by the Sea. It’s lovely on the inside, so quiet and untouched. Madison and Nick look out over the sea and she apologizes for letting Nike get taken. Madison doesn’t know where they’re going, and Nick has an epiphany, where he tells her this is like my life, completely fucked up, but now everyone’s catching up to me.

The day is coming to an end and Liza check on Ofelia, who was only shot in the shoulder. Liza and Chris reunite finally, and she tells him she loves him before she heads out the door. Madison follows her out—

Strand is packing up, getting ready to move again. Nick asks if he can stay; Strand says no one stays, they have to stay on the move. Nick wants to know about Abigail, if she’s here. She’s not, and Strand tells Nick to embrace the madness. He shows Nick something through a huge pair of binoculars: Abigail, a large yacht.

Liza is walking, crying; Madison catches up, wants to know what’s up. Liza shows her: she was bit. She knows she’ll turn, so she came down by the ocean to kill herself, but she’s doesn’t know if she can. She’s almost begging Madison to do to her what she was asked to do once, and hands the pistol to Madison—

Travis shows up and wants to know what’s going on. Liza tells him: bit, infected, dying. He doesn’t want to hear that, telling her, “It’s okay, we can treat you—” No, motherfucker, you can’t! She knows what it does: she tells them both they all come back no matter what, and she doesn’t want to turn. She gets Travis to promise to protect Nick as Madison hands him the pistol. Everyone hears the shot. Travis walks off in shock, falling to his knees in the surf. Chris is crying over his dead mother while Alicia stands nearby. Madison comes to Travis as he breaks down.

The tide comes in. Pull back. The quiet city beyond. Pan left into the ocean and low sweep over the water . . .

RT: I just can’t tell you how much love I have for this show after the season 1 finale. Yes, I loved it before hand, but the finale just blew everything out of the water. I really, REALLY can’t wait to see what is in store for the characters in season 2 of Fear The Walking Dead.

CF:  I was genuinely invested in the characters, particularly after the last few episodes.  I want to know who the hell this Strand is, and if they get to the boat, how long at they going to be able to hold it?  It sucks I gotta wait a year to find out.  But we will.

FTWD Ep 6 Madison and Travis


And that is the end of Season 1 of Fear the Walking Dead. It’s not only just the end of Fear, it’s also the end of my run of recaps. Fifteen weeks of recapping Humans and Fear the Walking Dead, and it’s been fun, but now I gotta let Rachel take the recaps back–

"You're recaping . . . for me?"

“You’re recaping . . . for me?”

Yes, Crazy Rick, you get a new recapper.  Be happy, asshole.

I wanna thank Rachel for allowing me to take my shot and help out, and I’ve been happy to come here and do my thing. In the future, when the need arises, I’m hoping she’ll let me come back and either guest post or recap (you need Orphan Black in your lives!), and when Humans and Fear the Walking Dead come back, I am more than eager to pick up where I left off. Particularly with Fear, as we know Season 2 finds them—



Thank you one, thank you all, thank you Rachel. Have fun with the undead.

RT: Cassidy, it has been an absolute pleasure having you on board. When you have someone like yourself come onto my blog and offer your assistance, it is the biggest compliment ever that you would consider my website worthy. I really don’t have the words to express just how much I have loved having you on board.

I would really LOVE for you to return for seasons 2 of Humans and Fear if you’re up to it. I would also love if you would hang around and give your opinion on my recaps of The Walking Dead. As for Orphan Black, YESSSSS!!! This is my newest addiction, so your insight into this show would be absolutely FANTASTIC 😀

CF:  I’ll be around to snark off on The Walking Dead, and since I’m a member of the #CloneClub, I’d love to do Season 4 of Orphan Black.  And there is one more post I’d like to get done before the Ricktatorship comes back!

RT: Post away Cassidy! I can’t wait 😀


The Cast:

Madison Clark — Kim Dickens
Travis Manawa — Cliff Curtis
Nick Clark — Frank Dillane
Alicia Clark — Alycia Debnam-Carey

Liza Ortiz — Elizabeth Rodriguez
Christopher Manawa — Lorenzo James Henrie

Daniel Salazar— Ruben Blades
Ofelia Salazar — Mercedes Mason

Victor Strand — Colman Domin


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  2. marctom1 says:

    That’s a great recap and thanks to Cassidy for her guest performance!
    I finally got to like Fear TWD and even some of the characters, especially Liza but now she’s really dead, pushing up the daisies.
    And yes, the slow burn did work up to a point, even if some of us didn’t much like the characters.
    I still can’t connect to Madison though. I often think she’s totally disconnected and matter of fact.
    In the end, great stuff!

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