BOOK REVIEW: Fractured Memories (Jagged Scars #1) by Jo Schneider

Fractured Memories by Jo Schneider (Jagged Scars #1)

Fractured Memories by Jo Schneider
(Jagged Scars #1)
Publication date: May 20th 2015
Genres: Post-Apocalyptic, Science Fiction, Young Adult


Sixteen year old Wendy never knew the world before the Starvation. She’s learned to put her trust in her knives, and her confidence in her fighting ability. When the Skinnies attack her compound, she’s the lone survivor.

Injured and near death, Wendy is rescued and nursed back to health by mysterious strangers. Her saviors offer her a place among them, but trust has never been one of Wendy’s strengths, and suspicion soon leads to evidence that these people might be the group who killed her family.

The decision to get her revenge, and take the settlement down from the inside out is easy. Keeping her distance from those she must befriend in order to make it happen proves to be much more difficult.





DISCLAIMER: The books/eBooks being reviewed were provided free of charge in return for an honest review.

Fractured Memories starts in a post-apocalyptic world where “skinnies” can be compared to zombies in that they have a compulsion to eat flesh, although they tend to be smarter than your average walker. I loved the immediate sense of bleak dread the author conjured up and then the later automatic feeling of confusion when a birthday surprise sours and the whole community falls.

However, I was a bit surprised, when the author had set the scene brilliantly to allow the reader to feel the ever present sense of urgency and impending doom, then she allowed her characters to step outside the community’s boundaries for something as frivolous as surprising one of the characters for their birthday. I was also surprised, later on, when one of the characters sleeps easily in the wild without any concern for encroaching skinnies.

Throughout this novel I found the main character, Wendy, as strong and independent, yet vulnerable at times, qualities I love in a female character. However, there were moments when I was confused as to just how much she knew about her memory of the downfall of her community. While the author created characters with ease that the reader could be automatically drawn too, there were moments the story was lacking because I was trying to work out just how much Wendy knew, when she was telling the truth about the matter and when she was pulling the wool over someone’s eyes.

There is also a few moments when I felt the world was not properly established for me to willingly accept the fact things like flying boots exist. While I was eventually able to believe it was plausible within the world, it would have been easier if the author had set up the boundaries for this universe a little more at the beginning.

It was the characters and Wendy’s personal development that really made it for me with this novel. While she is strong as nails, she keeps getting thrown into increasingly terrible situations. Yet, still she remains true to herself.

Overall, I am giving Fractured Memories by Jo Schneider 3.5 out of 5 stars, rounding it up to 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon and Goodreads.


Author Jo Schneider



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