FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: Season 1 Conspiracy Theories + Teaser Video

Fear the Walking Dead Conspiracy Theories

***UPDATED: August 17, 2015***

Okay, since I already do a conspiracy theories page for each season of AMC’s The Walking Dead, I thought I would start up one for its companion series, Fear The Walking Dead.

Recently Robert Kirkman announced Fear The Walking Dead will premiere on AMC in August. So far we know the series will revolve around a family and will be set in LA. While there were original reports that Kirkman would be introducing an origin story for how the world became infect in The Walking Dead, this is no longer the case. Instead we will see the series start as the infection begins to spread.

Recently a promo video was released on Fear The Walking Dead and it is thanks to this video that I thought it time to start up a conspiracy theories page on the show.

You can check out the video below. It shows a character called Nick (played by Frank Dillane, the son of Stephen Dillane, who played Stannis in HBO’s Game of Thrones). Nick is part of the core family in Fear The Walking Dead and this video (entitled “Nick’s Escape”) shows him frantically running away from something. Many think it is the walking dead he is fleeing from, however, considering Nick has drug related problems, I am now wondering if Nick is just on the run from a drug deal gone bad. You can read my breakdown on the whole video here.


  • It has been reported that Nick is a heroin addict and in episode 1, after he runs from his first encounter with the undead, gets hit by a car. This has already lead to speculation that Fear The Walking Dead is just Nick’s coma dream, much in the way theorists believe The Walking Dead is just Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) coma dream.
  • Nick isn’t running from the walkers in the video trailer, he is, in fact, running from a drug bust gone bad.
  • Walkers will not be called walkers in Fear The Walking Dead – at least not at the start of the series. Considering this is the start of the outbreak and the undead are not as rotted and decomposing as they are now in Season 5 of The Walking Dead, they will be called something entirely different. My guesses for common names of the undead in Fear The Walking Dead include: biters and the infected. nothing too exciting yet as they haven’t quite worked out the danger they pose yet.
  • Alicia (played by Alycia Debnam-Carey) has a boyfriend called Matt. My prediction is that he will be infected first and Alicia barely escapes without being bitten.
  • Madison (Kim Dickens) and Travis (Cliff Curtis) are the head of the Fear The Walking Dead family. Both are previously married and it seems Travis may still see a bit of his ex-wife, Lisa. According to Robert Kirkman, “there are some interesting revelations to come with [Travis], I’ll just say that. He is finding himself torn between Liza, his ex-wife, and Madison.” I’m calling it now. Travis, Madison and Lisa with be the Rick, Shane and Lori of Fear The Walking Dead.

Lexi Johnson stars as Gloria in AMC's Fear The Walking Dead

  • Gloria (Lexi Johnson) is that sexy blond walker you have been seeing in some of the promos. My guess is she will not only be the first zombie we see in Fear, but the first recurring zombie.

Do you have any conspiracy theories yet about AMC’s Fear The Walking Dead? Let me know your ideas by commenting below. I will update you theories into this blog and we can check out if any of them come true through the course of Season 1 of Fear The Walking Dead.

[Image credits: AMC]


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8 Responses to FEAR THE WALKING DEAD: Season 1 Conspiracy Theories + Teaser Video

  1. I think we are seeing Nick is running from trouble other than zombies, ’cause it’s L.A. and he’s a kid who just can’t stay in the house.

    I have an idea for what our Walker will be called in FTWD. Given the Latino influence of the city, people are familiar with The Day of the Dead, also known as Día de Muertos. (This is something I also have in my last unpublished novel, shameless plug, I know.) Now, “The Undead” sort of translates as “Los muertos vivientes,” so I’m going to say that “Muertos” isn’t a completely out of the question. It’s as good as anything King Troll Kirkman would do.

    Alicia’s boyfriend is Walker Chow(tm). Beat the rush and switch into Bad Ass Andrea Mode now.

    “Travis, Madison and Lisa with be the Rick, Shane and Lori of Fear The Walking Dead.” All the Hell Yes here. And we don’t need this crap. If Travis shaves his head I will *blister* people in my review of that particular episode.

    • mrszoomby says:

      I absolutely agree about Nick. We know he has drug problems, that building is as dodgy as shit and he is wearing a ladies cardigan. Plus it looks like a row of cars with their doors open, smacks of the cops if you ask me 😉 (Yeah, I watched the clip about a thousand times yesterday… 😉 )

      Muertos is a bloody good name idea! Although, I think we will get something less “undead” in Season 1 as it will be more about people not knowing the sick are the undead yet.

      Alicia’s boyfriend is only listed in the pilot episode. He is so walker chow! 😉

      BWAHAHAHAHA @ Travis shaving his head 😉 *fist pumps the air*

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  6. keith gomdak says:

    The black guy in the jail cell could be a drug dealer/doctor whatever he is he could have created the disease by trying to create a powerful drug(some sort of heroin-meth-bathsalt thing) and to go even further his yacht actually has a lab/expiramental drug testing area on it were the virus started because he was using junkies as test subjects maybe the girl patient 0 somehow left the yacht before she overdosed and died hence this is why he needed nick so bad

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