Humans, Season 1, Episode 7: Memento Mori

Humans Ep 7 Karen

The penultimate episode has come and gone, and if you were hoping for some nice, feel good shit to come down and sprinkle rainbows and unicorns upon your noggin, honey, you tuned into the wrong show. Even more so that other episodes, this one delves into issues of life, existence, and death—especially death. Because it’s everywhere, lingering over everyone like an ever-present burial shroud . . .

RT: *Settles in with some popcorn to enjoy the show*

The episode starts with Karen, and in her memories we finally discover she was one of the Elster Aware Synths, but we also see David Elster chasing her ass out of the house for some reason—which lead her to walking away from the edge of the river where she’s thinking, with a quick cut to her flat, where DS Pete is in her immaculate kitchen where he finds a note in the bin: “Don’t look for me.” He does, but not in the way you think . . .

Karen eventually finds Millican’s home, and when she entered she wants to see Niska. Our killer blond synth emerges and calls Karen Beatrice, and after another quick cut of DS Pete finding a picture of David Elster standing outside a house with someone who looks like Karen at his side, we discover the truth: Karen was the last of the conscious synths made, but David made her in the image of his dead wife—you know, the one who tried to kill his real wife? Things didn’t go well and Niska relates that David told them Beatrice/Karen was destroyed, dead, zeroed—no more. What really happened was David turned Karen loose in the woods, which has me wondering what these guys did with pets they didn’t want anymore.

RT: Synthanasia – what you do when you can’t be bothered with your Synth anymore…

Karen is full of depression and suffering—just like a human. She hates her life, and after sliding her pistol half away towards Niska, she tells her sister to kill her, pump four rounds in her head, two to each hemisphere. Neither Niska or Millican is digging this noise, so Karen’s like, fuck it, I’ll kill you, Niska, because we’re mistakes! You know, never let a depressed synth handle a gun, Karen handles this deal like a robot Khan trying to kill Admiral Kirk. First she shoots Vera, who is damaged enough that she calls for help, and then, while trying to bag Niska, she blows a hole in Millican, taking out one of his kidneys. Only then does she beat a retreat. Niska wants to help Millican, but she can’t, because there isn’t any equipment. He’s good with what’s happening, and asks her to leave. For the first time she comes across as sad, because she’s unable to save the guy who was finally teaching her to be human.

As soon as Niska says her goodbyes and leaves, Odi comes down from the first floor and and speaks to Millican in this last moments, completely unaware of what’s happening until the end when he pronounces, matter of factly, “You are dead, George.”

RT: Oh. No. *cries into popcorn*

Leo finds Fred and after Fred goes all computational and says, “I know where Waldo is,” they head off looking for Max. Leo is one pessimistic arse, but Fred keeps going, “Chill, bitch, I got this”—and sure as shit he does, for they find Max washed up on shore. Leo knows there’s only one place they can go—

Rewind a bit and let’s check in on the Hawkens Family. Mattie and Laura in the kitchen watching the telly while Mia, now dressing a real person, stands looking out the window. Mia admit to Laura she’s was made to love Leo, and speaks of how she she was stuck inside Anita, but that she liked being around a family. Laura’s poo-pooing the family stuff, because she thinks they suck as one, but say that Laura is unsure only because her own mother couldn’t love her, and she’s feeling that her faults have rubbed off on her.

A car arrives outside and it’s Joe wanting to come home. Laura’s pretty much through with his bullshit, but she lets him in, telling him it’s the sofa for you, boy. It’s now that Mia introduces herself, and shit, can this get anymore awkward? At one point everyone’s sitting in the living room—Mia on the sofa and Laura on the love seat—and Joe wondering who to sit with: the wife or the robot, both whom he’s banged? They make it easy: they head into the kitchen to make breakfast, while Toby comes down, gives Joe shit, Sophie comes down, gives Mia a big hug, then screams like a little girl—which she is—because Niska’s at the back window.

Niska and Mia talk about Karen, and the consensus is “Don’t tell Leo.” About the time Sophie comes up and tells Niska she has hair like her doll, which sort of pisses Niska off because she has no little people skill. Sophie doesn’t care, because now she can play with Mia’s sister, but Niska sucks at playing, and shows that as advanced as they are, they didn’t develop an imagination. It’s all clockwork and numbers, even as advanced as they are.

Leo and Fred show up with Max, and ol’ Maxie isn’t good: he’s low on fluids and losing the last of his reserve. Mia makes some fluid after a donation from Niska, and Mattie begins hacking Max in order to keep his brain on line. They gets the fluid in in, and his reserves start growing slowly—he’s not dead. For the first time, the Hawkins/Elster family are now together, save for Karen.

RT: Phew!

With this emergency sort of over, Joe is chillin’ in the kitchen when along comes Mia. She tells Joe that she knows he loves Laura and she loves him, and then brings up their “moment,” saying that she knew he hated it, and then reminds him that she remembers their little encounter. She said he hated himself before he’d even finished, and you can see on Joe’s face that it’s true.

When everyone it talking about Max’s chances to come back to “life,” Laura asks the question that has everyone wondering: why are people afraid of you? Mia jokes that people think they’ll take over the world and make humans into slaves, and that sort of sends a chill down all the humans backs, because the last thing you want to know is you may be harboring the end of humanity in your dining room.

RT: Yes, let’s tell the Synths our greatest fear. Maybe they won’t take over the world now.

Hobb is over at Millican’s place, scoping out the joint and remembering their time together. He goes to his car and, hey, Karen in the back—doesn’t anyone lock shit in London these days? Hobb thinks she’s Beatrice, but after a few hints he figures out—she’s another synth. Karen is spreading the “Synths taking over the world” bullshit and lets Hobb know she wants to find her brothers and sisters. She also wants to be destroyed along with them, ‘cause synth bitch be crazy.

RT: Crazy, or… practical? Synths can’t be taking over the world if they are getting moral just and want themselves done in after all.

Back at the Hawkins home Mattie is chatting with Leo, and he reveals that he can’t forget anything, and it sucks because he’d like to forget some stuff. He tells her that maybe the reason he showed her his memories was because he had to show them to someone . . .

Out in the drive it’s the cops, and tension ramps up. Joe says he’ll handle this and speaks with the police woman. She there to follow up on the call he made about the doggy dude and his synth, and everyone in the goddamn house hears this. Good job, Joe: take a bow for dropin’ that dime, asshole. Leo’s pissed and Niska looks like she wants to kill, and Leo decides they’re gonna blow town once Max is on his feet.

Humans Ep 7 Niska

Little girls are not in my programming.

Sophie wants to know why everyone looks so different if they’re really brothers and sisters. This leads to the question of what happens when a synth dies, because once they are gone, they’re gone: they leave nothing behind. Mia says, yeah, can’t have have kids, it sucks, but Niska says maybe they could, and Leo spills about the Consciousness Code. Yeah, it’s not a good dinner point, and everyone, Hawkins and Elsters, thinks this is likely a bad idea.

Humans Ep 7 Fred and Niska

Fred and Niska are chillin’ and chargin’, and Sophie is finally giving Mia a big hug. Leo gets around to powering up Max, and he comes on-line, but not seeming aware. Leo checks his code and it’s not good: his root code is degrading. Max is dying because they can’t get this code back because these guy apparently don’t do backups. Leo wants to use the Consciousness Code to try and reboot Max, but before that happens Niska shows up on the telly kicking ass and being linked to a murder while Sophie’s sitting on her lap. This is enough to get Laura freaking, and she all of a sudden wants them all out. There’s an argument, but Mia agrees that they’ll leave.

Leo’s pissed, but he’s packing. He heads into the kitchen, and there’s Karen! Leo is scared and sobbing, because, shit, here’s the woman, more or less, who killed him. Karen says she’s got a place where everyone will be happy and safe, all he has to do is come with her. Leo really doesn’t like looking at his mom again, but he eventually takes her hand.

Everyone else sees Karen, and this gets the rest of the synths agitated—when in pops SWAT! Down on the floor, bitches! And who’s leading the parade but Hobb, here to finally collect his prizes.

Fade to Black—just like when you die.

Bye, friendly Synth: I'll see you in a better place.

Bye, friendly human child: I hope to see you in a better place.

Interesting Trivia:

Karen tells Millican and Niska that she can’t kill herself because her code won’t allow such a thing to occur. Now we know where Skynet started.

The Cast:

Laura Hawkins — Katherine Parkinson
Joe Hawkins — Tom Goodman-Hill
Mattie Hawkins — Lucy Carless
Toby Hawkins — Theo Stevenson
Sophie Hawkins — Pixie Davies
Synth Mia Hawkins — Gemma Chan

Dr. George Millican — William Hurt
Synth Odi — Will Tudor
Synth Vera — Rebecca Front

Detective Sergeant Pete Drummond — Neil Maskell
Detective Inspector Karen Voss — Ruth Bradley

Leo — Colin Morgan
Synth Max — Ivanno Jeremiah
Synth Niska — Emily Berrington

Professor Edwin Hobb — Danny Webb

Humans airs in the US on AMC at 9 PM EDT.


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  1. This sounds so very good and fascinating! Definitely adding it to my list of things to watch!

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