Humans, Season 1 Episode 5: I Compute, Therefore I Am

Humans Millican Killer Synth

With three weeks left in the run, Humans worked its way into the philosophy of being something others than human. Really, while this episode was spread out a little more evenly between the players this time, the high point was at Doctor Millican’s place, because . . .

Because that’s where Niska went. She met with Leo and listened to him talk about the code he found that will bring about Synth consciousness, but he wants to get Mia back on her feet, so in the meantime, Niska, go hide out with this friendly doctor—his name is Millican.

RT: Awesome! It feels like all the ends are starting to tie themselves together 🙂

CF:  The episode had the feel that it was time to bring everything together, and start getting these ends tied up.

She does show up, and once inside she meets Vera, and nurse Vera ain’t buying the good doctor’s bullshit that she’s human. On the other hand, Niska isn’t playing, and pretty much tells Vera to piss off on that Synth business. It’s while she’s there and getting tired of being stared at, while Millican figures out she’s “injured” and helps get her patched up, that they start talking about what makes her more than human—what it is that makes her feel. She knows she’s nearly human, she knows it also took seventeen thousand pages of code to make her aware. RT: Holy Smokes! That a LOT of code o.O   CF:  It’s a Ton of code, and would take a hell of a long time to write.  If you figure fifty lines per page, it’s eight hundred and fifty thousand lines of code.  She’s also quite aware that people want to destroy her, because thinking Synths are a no-no. Millican relates on how, when he realized that Leo’s dad really wanted to develop like Niska, he split because he didn’t care for the idea. When he wants to know about her experiences, she shuts the hell up and says she needs to to charge.

Speaking of charging . . . Karen finishes recharging just as Pete barges into her bedroom with a paper and the “Killer Synth” headline. This scares her, ‘cause it seems as if she knows what would happen if Pete finds out she’s a Synth. RT: Excuse me miss, is that a power cord in your pocket, or do you need batteries to operate that?   CF:  It’s a good think their charging cord looks like one you’d use for your iPhone.  They head back to the office and news people are all over their asses as they walk in. The boss man gives them instructions to not say anything, and DS Pete is put on a desk job like he’s in a Lethal Weapon movie.

Karen, however, starts using The Google and finds out there’s some interesting video of Synths Gone Wild at a smash club. She finds the dude who recorded it, gets a view of said video, and hey—there’s Niska!

And back with DS Pete, he gets a call on a Synth found in the woods, and when he runs the tags it’s Odi, who isn’t there when Pete shows up in the woods. But since he knows the owner he heads over to Doctor Millican’s and started giving him shit about having not recycled his old synth, and that’s gonna cost you a few hundred quid, mate. Being a suspicious prick, Pete has a look around, and comes remarkably close to catching a pair of scissors in the eye because Niska’s hiding and she’s not about to be taken alive. Fortunately Vera shows up, and when Pete asks if there’s been any Synths come round for a spot of tea—he’s thinking Odi is hiding out somewhere—Vera says she saw Odi a few days before and that’s all. In other words, she lies her ass off. The question is, why?

RT: *rubs hands together in glee* Could Vera be… nice?  CF:  Since a Synth would be able to lie to another Synth, I started wondering if Pete is a Synth, and doesn’t know it.  Which would really bring the whole Blade Runner meme into play . . .

"While I cannot lie, I make exceptions for doucherockets such as yourself."

“While I cannot lie, I make exceptions for doucherockets such as yourself.”

But the real stories are with the Hawkins and Leo, and they intertwine in a way—

Joe wants to get rid of Anita, probably because he figured left over semen invalidates her warranty. The kids don’t want her to go—Sophie is going nuts, and Toby’s erection has a vote, too—and even Laura wants Anita to stay. Joe can’t take it, though, and calls the pick-up dudes from the company to come get his guilt—I mean Anita.

RT: The awkward of this situation is just delicious!  CF:  They should have instructional videos:  “Should you accidentally shag your Synth–“

Mattie has other ideas, however. She calls Anita by her real name, which doesn’t get a reaction, but then she gets back in touch with Leo, and it’s time to go all Thelma and Louise with Anita, and just like that, they’re gone—

Off to see Leo and Max, who are hiding out in an old social club, and are ready to hack Anita to get Mia back. Before she gets there, however, Max reminds Leo that he wants a picture of him for when he dies again, which is pretty creepy, but screw it, ‘cause here’s the Girls on the Run, and once it’s obvious that Anita/Mia doesn’t recognize Leo at all, the hack is on.

It doesn’t go well. They don’t get through, the hack starts messing Anita up, and it becomes necessary to reboot her butt. When she comes back, she’s still in Anita mode, and Leo is despondent that he’s never going to see her again . . .

RT: You know, I just really wanted Anita to flick her switch and go all bat shit crazy hack glitch… imagine trying to explain her behaviour away?  CF:  I have a feeling we haven’t seen the end of Mia–

Back home Mattie starts checking up on things to see if something’s change with Anita, and discovers that her Adult Options have been turned on. Mattie flips and accuses Toby of shagging Anita, and he cops to the deed, which makes Laura send him to his room, and readies Joe—who is totally suffering from Guilty Face—to have a “You shouldn’t have banged the robot” talk with his son—

RT: OMFGs! #ThisWasntInTheManual #RaisingKidsIsHard #NotADickJoke

Only Toby isn’t as dumb as he might appear, and when confronted by Joe, tells him that he knows Dad did the shagging, and he only admitted to it so he could have this special moment alone with Dad, getting some weight on him.

RT: Gotta love it when your kids are smarter than you…  CF: When you think about it, Toby had to know it was dad, since he sure as shit didn’t do the deed.  Joe is a complete idiot to think he wouldn’t get caught, which is why he wanted Anita the hell out of the house.

Realizing he’s run out of options, Joe tells Laura that it wasn’t Toby who got vertical with Anita, it was him, but really, it was an accident—you see, his penis accidentally found its way into her vagina because he wanted to see what she’d do. While Laura gets pissed and calls him a cheat, Joe’s like, “It’s like fucking a sex toy—oh, by the way, who’s Tom?” Laura completely loses her shit and tells Joe to start packing his, ‘cause his ass is on the street.

RT: Wonder if the emergency room has heard this excuse yet in Synthland?  CF:  I’m sure there have been many people with using the excuse, “I accidentally fucked my Synth, and . . .

So what do we have at the end of the episode:

Leo is dreaming of better days with Mia and the others. He wants to take a walk, because depression, and it’s Total Emo Time.

Mattie is all emo as well, and as Leo leaves in a taxi he gets a last look at the sex toy—I mean, Anita.

Back at the Blade Runner office Karen tells Peta that Niska’s passing as a human. Is she playing his ass? Hard to say. Later that night Pete heads for a “We Are People” meeting and drinks deep of the Anti-Dolly Kool-Aid.

Doctor Millican finds the newspaper headline about a “killer synth”, and puts together why Niska’s hangin’ at his joint. Shit. Niska finds a picture of Hobb, confronts Millican, and finds the same paper. Double shit.

And what of Hobb? Well, he’s been talking to government hacks. Based upon a recorded conversation he figures out that Leo Elster is alive, even though he should be dead. The hacks want Fred dead, and order Hobb to destroy him. He does, and when the government hacks come in to check ‘ol Fred out, they find a charred body. Hobb is like, “Well, you wanted him destroyed.” I’m sorry, but do these people live in a universe when the movie I, Robot, never existed? Do I believe Fred is dead? Ah, hell naw!


Interesting Trivia:

Nothing, really. Hoping for something next week.


The Cast:

Laura Hawkins — Katherine Parkinson
Joe Hawkins — Tom Goodman-Hill
Mattie Hawkins — Lucy Carless
Toby Hawkins — Theo Stevenson
Sophie Hawkins — Pixie Davies
Synth Anita Hawkins — Gemma Chan

Dr. George Millican — William Hurt
Synth Odi — Will Tudor
Synth Vera — Rebecca Front

Detective Sergeant Pete Drummond — Neil Maskell
Detective Inspector Karen Voss — Ruth Bradley

Leo — Colin Morgan
Synth Max — Ivanno Jeremiah
Synth Niska — Emily Berrington

Professor Edwin Hobb — Danny Webb

Humans airs in the US on AMC at 9 PM EDT.


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