Humans, Season 1, Episode 2: Deep in the Motherboard

Welcome once more to the recap of the show Humans. Notice I didn’t say “review”, because it seems the Stannis Baratheons of the Internet will correct your grammar when they’re not preoccupied by the act of burning their daughters at the stake and make you get it right. So recap it is! Shall we?

RT: *sigh* Gotta love those that judge 😦 But have no fear, I’ll get Brienne right onto it 😉

Let’s start with Hobb, who still has Fred and is doing what he can to get into his “brain”. They find a memory: Anita swimming underwater. It’s not a great leap that this go back to her flashback, which means to deal with saving a small child from a submerged car—there you go, Will Smith. These are the robots you’re looking for.

RT: Imagine if the AI movie was to Humans that the Breaking Bad was to The Walking Dead? It would be epic to have them in the same synth-iverse!

Sergeant Pete has a moment where he’s helping his not-able-to-walk wife to the loo, and he’s not that great at being a caregiver: he’s getting old and he’s not as strong as ‘ol Simon, who we discover was sent to them by an insurance company. Like a Good Neighbor, State Farm Has Synths? Dibs on the ad!

Later the good sergeant leaves for work and finds his wife getting physical therapy from Simon—though it looks like she’s getting a pretty nice Swedish massage. Pete is not a happy guy: he’s probably imagining Synth Simon giving his wife a Brazilian, in which case we could say she was Simonized. Pete’s partner Karen catches a gander of Simon when he comes out to give DS Pete a lunch he’d made, and Karen looks like she’s urning for a bit of Simonizing of her own. Pete is not happy with his lot in life, and he beats it the hell out of home—

Which sort of leads us to the tale of Leo and Max, who are still on the road, though now calling a scrap yard their point of operation. Leo isn’t feeling good, and Max is concerned—as much as a self-aware Synth can become. In Leo’s search for Anita they visit an underground mechanic who appears to be the sort of sleazy dude who will “upgrade” your Synth with no questions asked, and while questions are being asked, one thing leads to another, and before you know it it’s Curb Stomping Time, with Leo the guest of honor. This is where we find out that “self-aware Synth” also means they might just get in whatever passes for a brain that they’re a lot faster and stronger than humans, and Max puts one guy down before he’s ordered out of the area by Leo, who only manages to get the hell out of trouble after doing a First to Ground Floor dive into Max’s waiting arms.

Our dovetailed comes into play when DS Pete and DI Karen show up to investigate the newly busted garage that Leo and Max had visited earlier in the day. The mechanic is being held, says the wrong thing, and Pete loses his shit and starts beating the guy, leading Karen to wonder if her partner needs some time away from their Robo Investigation Division.

The two most interesting stories were those of Doctor Millican and Hawkins Family. The Doctor first: he receives his new caregiver, Snyth Vera, after hiding Odi in the outdoor shed. Vera has all the warmth of a Tasmanian Devil strung out on Seconal, and she is gonna do her goddamn job whether Doctor Millican wants that help or not. Whatever Laws she’s got built into her brain they are different from those of other synths, because she isn’t taking orders, and when she catches the doctor outside in the middle of the night—where he’s having a private moment with Odi—she strong-arms his ass right back inside, laying hands on him like it’s no big thing. This is Not A Good Sign, and if there is any character that has Evil Android written all over her, it’s Vera.

RT: *rubs hands together in glee*

"Take your pill and be happy it's not a suppository."

“Take your pill and be happy it’s not a suppository.”

Although, it seems, there is another . . . we’ll get to that.

At the Hawkins house the Passive Aggressive Olympics are underway, and it’s a head-on contest between Laura and Anita. Laura finds daughter Sophie has changed her pajamas, and her old ones wet; Anita says she must have been outside at some point, but she didn’t take her out. Laura finds Anita has washed her shoes; Anita says they needed cleaning, probably because she was out the other night. Laura tells Anita she’s watching her; Anita tells Laura the same thing, and after a short beat says it’s because she’s right in front of her. She says that last with that just-a-hint-of-a-smile, because Anita is fucking with Laura, you can sense it—particularly when Anita later shows Laura a spider and flips her the hell right out. Yeah, she’s watching you, Laura. Oh, yeah.

RT: Just when you thought there was nothing scarier than a passive-aggressive scrag fight, we have a passive-aggressive-human-synth scrag fight. Nice work AMC *nods* Although did AMC steal the idea from the anti-love going on between Cersei and Margaery in Game of Thrones? Either way, it works 😉

Laura comes into a bonding moment with her daughter Mattie, who, it turns out, is a Synth Hacker and is workin’ her mad skills on one of the school janitor synths. Unfortunately she’s pretty half-assed at being a hacker, and requires an intervention from Mom to get herself out of trouble with the school. The bonding comes when Laura asks Mattie if she thinks there’s something “different” about Anita. Mattie realizes there is something different when she spies a moment between Anita and another synth out for a walk, and realizes that Anita doesn’t swap data with others synths. This only ramps up Laura’s mistrust of Anita—yes, we get it: the synth isn’t human. Next!

RT: Oh, the intrigue – it’s KILLING me!

Or did I say, Sex? Speaking of such, we have Niska, who is getting a hose down at one point because she’s been used, but it makes you wonder how long she goes between these hosings. Now that she’s nice and clean an older guy shows up and he wants to talk—oh, no, he doesn’t. He’d rather pretend he’s playing out a perdo fantasy, and Niska decides fuck it, I’ve had enough, and snaps the dude’s neck, uses the last of his body heat to escape from sex cage room, and heads out into the night, but only after scaring the shit out of the madam of the house and cutting something out of the back of her neck.

RT: Holy SHIT! Niska is my new fave Synth.

And back at the Hawkins Homestead, there’s Toby. Toby with his undies on the floor which Anita picks up. Toby with the long, longing looks at Anita while she’s recharging. Toby with Horny Teen Boob Grope—OOPS! Anita wakes up and politely tells him that she can’t allow that sort of action, otherwise she’ll have to tell her primary owner about the boob grope, and that would be bad for Toby, ‘cause you know Dad wants a shot at those boobies first . . .

RT: Haha! Poor Toby. Not old enough to afford his own sexy-Synth, not cool enough to get a real girlfriend…

Anita isn’t finished, however. She comes to Sophie’s aid because little girls have bad dreams, and when Sophie wants to cuddle, she wants to cuddle, and even though Anita was told to never, ever touch the girl, she’s like, fuck these Three Laws and gives Sophie the comfort that Mama Laura usually doesn’t. This causes Laura to flip right the hell out, and she’s help bent on taking Anita back to the shop for a refund, which seems to once more bring a slight smile to the synth’s face . . .

Oh . . .

Is Leo a Synth? After Max rigs up a quick-charge in a public bathroom for something in Leo’s body, it could be . . .

RT: Damn it! Now I have to wait a whole week for your recap 😦

Interesting Trivia:

None this week, ‘cause the show was all about how Synths Ain’t Human.

The Cast:

Laura Hawkins — Katherine Parkinson
Joe Hawkins — Tom Goodman-Hill
Mattie Hawkins — Lucy Carless
Toby Hawkins — Theo Stevenson
Sophie Hawkins — Pixie Davies
Synth Anita Hawkins — Gemma Chan

Dr. George Millican — William Hurt
Synth Odi — Will Tudor
Synth Vera — Rebecca Front

Detective Sergeant Pete Drummond — Neil Maskell
Detective Inspector Karen Voss — Ruth Bradley

Leo — Colin Morgan
Synth Max — Ivanno Jeremiah

Synth Niska — Emily Berrington

Professor Edwin Hobb — Danny Webb

Humans airs in the US on AMC at 9 PM EDT.

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3 Responses to Humans, Season 1, Episode 2: Deep in the Motherboard

  1. because dad wants get those boobies first lol i love that. It was a good episode. Niska taking down the old man was a great scene. I thought it was very kind of Anita to keep the secondary users out of harms way with the whole boob grope. Vera does look like trouble and there just isn’t enough of the good Doctor in my opinion I want to know MORE darn it

    • I see William’s character as being the offshoot of the one he played in “AI”, and now the hens are coming home to roost. Vera is a piece of work, and I’m wondering if she’s a “special model” just for him, because I’m getting the feeling he’s being isolated for reasons.

      I agree with Toby in a way: why make Anita so good looking? If she were a simple android without boobs and genitals, hey, no temptation, right? You know Joe’s gonna turn that microwave to high. 😉

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