5 Minutes With… A. Carina Barry

5 Minutes With... A. Carina Barry

1. What is your book about?

Love at the End of All Things is a horror-romance about a married couple who are deeply devoted to each other facing a zombie-like apocalypse when the unknown “ghoul virus” starts making ordinary people go berserk. We watch them attempt to fight through each challenge as the world begins to crumble around them. The book looks at the price of loving someone and asks the question of when is one life too expensive to maintain. It’s very spicy, very dark, and shows that marriage is not the end of a story, but the beginning of a powerful partnership. People never know how far they will go for love until that bond gets tested. Seeing the challenges they face and how the roles change as the situations flip around on them gives the couple a really powerful dynamic.

2. What for the inspiration behind this novel?

Honestly, I have to thank my friend Cat Moonsong for helping me come up with the kernel for this story. I was entering a romance contest by a big name company and needed something that could stand out from the pack. She had an idea that was too dark for her but once I heard it, everything clicked for me. I could see the story unfold and got really excited about it and started writing.

3. What books changed your life?

Roger Zelazny’s The Changing Land with it’s guy in green on the black metal construct horse of a pile of purple hands on the cover was the first adult-sized novel I read.  It probably engendered my life-long love of fantasy.  Ray Bradbury’s A Sound of Thunder with all the future hinging on the life of a single butterfly stuck with me as did his The Fog Horn story.  I’m a huge monster fan.  Anne McCaffrey’s Dragon Singer trilogy and Mercedes Lackey’s Magic’s Pawn trilogy both captured my imagination.  Robin Hobb’s Liveship Traders trilogy showed that complex creature life cycles could enrich a world as did Kim Harrison’s The Hollows series.  Jacqueline Carey showed a very different side to love and sex, while Chelsea Quinn Yarboro showed a different side to immortality and the challenges thereof.  Jean M. Auel and Anne McCaffrey showed me what strong women were like who were still allowed to be women.  The rest brought me hours of thrills and chills with their creations.  By the way, I love talking about books, this is a terrible topic to start me on!

11. The item to the left of you right now is your zombie apocalypse weapon of choice – what is it?

A plush 10-sided die.  It’s not the only thing that is going to “die” at this rate!

12. Can you tell me about what you are writing now?

Absolutely!  I’m working on Paladin’s Honor.  It’s at the beginning of edits right now.  This is a lovely fantasy-romance and I really love the paladin Devon in it.  He and Mirabelle plan to be around for at least a trilogy so I’m happy I get to spend more time with them.  You’ll love it.  Much milder than Love at the End of All Things, but beautiful and charming.  This world has lots of stories in it.

A. Carina Barry’s book is called Love At The End Of All Things and all the details are below:

Love at the End of All Things by A. Carina Barry

Love At The End Of All Things by A. Carina Barry
Published: November 25, 2014
Genres: Apocalyptic, Horror, Romance


Can love survive the end of the world?

All we know, all we’ve built can be destroyed by something smaller than the eye can see. Thomas and Cassidy Charm are planning their fifth year anniversary when a dangerous virus comes into town, shaking up their lives. Caught in a whirlwind of events, they stand back to back against the oncoming storm as everything around them falls apart. For every emergency they tackle, several more spring up like fires, each one growing harder and more difficult to overcome and survive. Desperate situations lead to desperate acts that could crush them both and destroy that which they hold most dear–each other. A roller-coaster ride of passion and terror, can any hearts survive in the apocalypse?




A. Carina Barry is the author of romance, horror, fantasy, other fiction, poetry, and much more.




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When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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