GIVEAWAY: Join Me At Raina Lorring’s Release Party To Celebrate Her New Novel ’13’

Raina Lorring's 13 Release Party image

Want to win some awesome bookish loot? Like to learn about wonderful new Indie authors? Haven’t picked up your copy of Unremembered Things yet? Why not celebrate all three by joining in on Raina Lorring’s release party for her latest book, 13? Joining Raina will be myself as well as a host of other authors ready to party with the best of them!

The 13 Release Party is happening right now and will run for five days in total but I won’t be making my official appearance until May 20 (EST).

The party has already started with the awesome Roz White. Her book is called The Sisterhood and it is a fascinating journey into the lives and times of five transgender women. You can check out her book on offer during the 13 Release Party by clicking here.

If you want to learn more about Raina’s 13 Release Party, you can do so by clicking here.

Raina has the full line up of participating authors here.

So what is Raina’s book, 13, all about? You can view all the details below:


13 by Raina LorringA collection of 13 tales from Raina Lorring. The stories range from horror to urban fantasy. This collection also includes “Enforcing Christmas,” the stand-alone prequel story to her forthcoming werewolf novel A Broken Howl.

In “Enforcing Christmas,” Liz is just trying to make it through a trip home to see her parents for the holidays without having to rip anyone’s throat out. “Pale Moon Rising” is a fairy tale that doesn’t promise the traditional happily ever after. Continuing with tales of love, Calvin meets a mysterious young woman in “The Other Fish in the Sea;” his encounter changes his life. “Cold Steel” looks at the basic human emotion of anger from an unlikely perspective. Roy’s well-meaning business venture provides him with a horrific first customer in “Dirty Money.” In “Inheritance,” Janice’s inspection of her deceased uncle’s home provides her with more than was listed in the will. “Surrender Hope” is a dark urban fantasy story. In “To Give your All” one warrior struggles in a fight to the death. “Twitch” tells the story of two EMTs as they discover patient after patient with the same strange affliction. The collection continues with a ghost story in “Bitter Sweet Darkness.” In the next tale, a flustered marriage counselor gives one couple “A Dose of Reality.” Darrell is a man on the edge in “Something to Shoot,” and he is offered a strange choice by mysterious visitor. The collection closes with “What a Waste” that tells the dark story of a man’s waste of a life.

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Author Raina LorringRaina Lorring is an English graduate student. She currently works at a community college as a writing tutor and lives in southern Texas. She has published multiple short works of non-fiction and fiction in various media. As a writer, her chosen genres vary between horror, science fiction and fantasy. In her spare time, Raina enjoys writing, reading, cooking, loud music, reconstructing clothing, and spending time with her family.

Make sure you join up now for Raina’s 13 Release Party as there are plenty of fantastic contests and giveaways on offer already – can’t wait to see you there!


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