BOOK REVIEW: Finding Harry Styles by G.B. Hope

Finding Harry Styles by G.B. Hope

Finding Harry Styles by G.B. Hope
Publication date: June 23rd 2014
Genres: Dystopia, New Adult


When a total power black-out hits the world – planes falling from the sky, cars crashing, cell phones and computers dying – two Englishmen are stranded, separately, on the East Coast of the US. They both try to make their way to their girlfriend and sister, respectively, who is trapped in New York. As society turns quickly to chaos, the two men encounter violence, tragedy, friendships and adventure, joined along the way by several different characters. Meanwhile, the girl they are working their way towards is surviving as best she can, all the while terribly worried for her idol; Harry Styles, of the band One Direction, who were performing in New York at the time of the unexplained apocalyptic event.





DISCLAIMER: The books/eBooks being reviewed were provided free of charge in return for an honest review.

Okay, to be honest, I picked up this book for the title alone. Harry Styles, One Direction, the apocalypse – I was hooked! Unfortunately the book didn’t deliver. There were only really two reasons:

  1. The book had nothing to do with Harry Styles. If you are naming a book with product placement just to get people to buy it, you bloody better well put the titled product in the book! While there were a few characters that really, REALLY liked Harry Styles and One Direction and that one thing at the very end that was another blatant attempt at putting a 1D reference in, this book was not at all about what they were claiming. Yeah, I guess for legal reasons it probably couldn’t have been a book about Harry, but I knew that and I was guessing it would be about a main character who learned to deal with the apocalypse thanks to their love of Harry Styles or One Direction. Instead what I got was just another apocalypse novel. Which is annoying because, if I had read it without assuming the book would be about 1D, the premise of a surge that took out all electricity – ALL, even stopping cars in the street and sucking the life right out of cell phones – is a pretty awesome idea to delve into, one that I haven’t read much about before.
  2. Sexist overtones. There’s a lot of this in this book. A lot of the time I was just yelling at the book because there were women blatantly added just for eye candy or to support the heroically buff men. And then there is that whole thing at the country club and by that stage I was getting ready to put the book down for a while.

I know I’ve been hard on this book but it just really pisses me off when a book is advertised using a gimmick they know will sell. I guess it’s the same when I see all those parody books on 50 Shades of Grey. While that book may be badly written, it’s just not nice to jump on the coat tails of an established platform – especially when you don’t deliver what you promised.

I guess I’m just so mad at this book because it showed so much bloody potential and then just lost it completely for me 😦

Overall, I am giving Finding Harry Styles by G.B. Hope 2 out of 5 stars!




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