5 Minutes With… James Glass

5 Minutes With... James Glass

1. What was the catalyst to your writing career?

It started off with writing a diary, then evolved into writing stories in the form of passed notes with my friends in the hallways in high school. It finally blossomed into my first novel, NEMESIS, written in my senior year of high school. My AP English teacher tricked me into it by suggesting I write a ‘short’ story on the giant brick of a ‘laptop’ they gave our class. For every sentence or paragraph I typed, she kept saying, “Type a little more.” By graduation I had a full-length novel and I sent it to an agent after much research. The agent wrote back a very nice letter saying my book was too violent to be a love story, in spite of the ‘vampire horror’ genre tag on the title page.

After that, I gave up on getting published, but I kept writing mainly because I had no choice. Once the faucet had been turned on, there was no shutting it off. It wasn’t until around 2000 that NEMESIS actually saw the light of day beyond close friends who read printouts of the manuscript. After that came LAMIA, the second book in the Immortal War Series, followed by THE TOWER. All three novels have gone through two editions and are set for a third complete gutting and rewrite of which NEMESIS is complete(ish).

2. If you could have a drink with a famous author (living or dead), who would you choose and why?

Nick Cave. I know he’s primarily known for his music, but his books are incredible. It would be intensely interesting to just hang out and chat inspiration and process with him or whatever other topics he’d like to discuss.

3. Do you listen to music while you write? If so, what was the soundtrack for the novel you are promoting today?

It seems I’m always listening to music no matter what I’m doing, and only rarely have I not listened to music while writing. I typically create playlists in iTunes that match the mood of the writing I’m working on at the time and it helps me visualize the scenes and characters as if I’m watching a movie, then helps me sort of slide into that movie and absorb what’s happening to channel onto the page.

For the Metatron Mysteries, the soundtrack changes constantly from oldschool Dixieland and Jazz to metal and alternative. If there’s a certain mood I need to capture, I might listen to a certain song in that playlist on repeat while writing the scene. The current song on a perma-loop is ‘Personality Crisis’ by Todd Rundgren, ‘If I Had a Heart’ by Fever Ray, and the album ‘Free’ by Concrete Blonde.

4. Can you tell me about what you are writing now?

I’m actually working on three projects at the moment: the re-re-re-rewriting of Lamia, a collaboration with another horror author (under the name James Glass), and the fourth book in the Metatron Mysteries (under the name James Glass).

5. What’s your favourite drink?

Jack Daniel’s and Coke.

James’ book is called The Dispossessed and all the details are below:

The Dispossessed by James Glass

The Dispossessed by James Glass
Published: February 10, 2014
Genres: Mystery, Occult


Playing host to the Voice of God can be a strain, and as John Smith is discovering, the source of many hangovers. Add to that a missing demon, and it’s one hell of a week.




Author James Glass (Suzi M)Somewhere in the wilds of Pennsylvania, Suzi lives on a little-known battlefield with her husband, son, and house panther. When not writing, Suzi likes to knit, spin yarn, and get the pictures and autographs of anyone who happens to recognize her from her writing and modeling days.

Additional names Suzi writes under include James Glass, Xircon, and Suzanne Madron.


FACEBOOK: As James Glass | As Suzi M


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