The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap – Episode 15: Try

TWD S05E15 Rick flips out


We are seeing the ripple effects of Noah (Tyler James Williams) and Aiden’s (Daniel Bonjour) deaths this week in Episode 15 (entitled Try) Season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. The whole episode feels like some sort of bad acid trip as a result:

  • Deanna (Tovah Feldshuh) and the rest of the Monroe’s are grieving privately until Carol (Melissa McBride) drops off a sympathy casserole – of course, thanks to Father Gabriel’s (Seth Gilliam) little chat last week, she ain’t eating the food.
  • Speaking of Carol, is it just me or are AMC dropping Carol into every scene that involves flowers?
TWD S05E15 Carol protects Jessie's son

Is Carol the new anti-Valentine’s day greeting card?

  • Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) seems to be only seen with Aaron (Ross Marquand) of late and from what I can gather, they are just wandering around all over the place. I think they call it ‘recruiting’… So they find a house with a light on and I get all excited that Morgan (Lennie James) might FINALLY be arriving on the scene, but, nope, it looks a little more sinister than that when walker parts are found scattered amongst the trees and then this:

TWD S05E15 Target practise

  • The lady above has the letter ‘W’ inscribed onto her forehead and this seems to be a common theme this week, no doubt culminating in a big reveal for the Season 5 finale next week (and I suspect it will be the big bad thing coming by way of whatever Deanna is recruiting people from the outside for).
  • Glenn (Steven Yeun) head fucks confronts Nicholas (Michael Traynor) and they come to an uneasy understanding about what happens to rat bastards who don’t listen to Glenn. I can see the whole Nicholas character imploding at some point soon. His character lies his way through a video interview with Deanna before this and even though Deanna won’t eat Carol’s offering, she still knows her own residents and asks all the right questions. Oh, and that gun Rick (Andrew Lincoln) hid when they first came to Alexandria? Yeah, it was nasty Nick who pinched it, which makes me wonder if the guy is smarter than he appears.
  • Right up until the very end of this episode, Rick does me proud by actively wading into the murk of domestic violence, even announcing that no matter how important a person is, they are never above being called out for beating on their spouse. but more on that later…
  • Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Enid (Katelyn Nacon) blow the joint and end up standing inside a tree nearly K.I.S.S.I.N.G. while walkers roam past.

TWD S05E15 Carl & Erin sitting in a tree...

  • Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) is flipping out over Noah’s death this week. Although, I think it is also a bad case of PTSD as well. Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Rosita (Christian Serratos) – who looks a lot like Tara (Alanna Masterson) when she puts more clothes on – are tracking her down and helping out no matter how much the woman says she doesn’t need it.
  • Speaking of Tara – she isn’t seen in this episode but apparently she’s doing okay…
  • The Rick, Jessie (Alexandra Breckenridge) and Pete (Corey Brill) triangle boils over this week even though it hasn’t even really been simmering for that long. Carol tells Rick he just needs to do Pete in, Rick nearly does when Pete bumps into him and then Rick and Deanna discuss the evict vs. eradicate dilemma in the walker age. This whole storyline culminates in Rick and Pete having an all out brawl that erupts out onto the streets of Alexandria. They are alternating between killing each other when Deanna gets through to Rick and there is a truce of sorts. By truce, I mean Rick starts monologuing about how his way is the only way until Michonne punches his lights out:
TWD S05E15 Michonne is the law meme

Michonne is the new sheriff in town…

So, what did you think of Episode 15 of AMC’s The Walking Dead? How do you think it will pan out in the Season 5 finale next week? Will we ever see Morgan again? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below!

And, don’t forget, The Walking Dead Season 5 finale will run for a full 90 minutes next week! 😀

You can read my Episode 16 recap here.

(Photo Credits: AMC)

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26 Responses to The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap – Episode 15: Try

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  2. I thought the same thing about Rosita: I had to do a bit of a double-take when she started talking to Michonne, and I remembered that when she’s not up in “Combat Ho” mode, she does look a lot like Tara.

    I see Carol just offing Pete now. Rick gives zeros shits about Pete: Carol gives less. Pete ain’t long for the world.

    Now that they showed Nicholas with the gun, you know he’s gonna shoot someone . . . I’m thinking this is where Deanna may check out, and that will allow The Governor–I mean, Rick–to take over. Particularly if the big bad shows up next week.

    And Rick is turning into The Governor. He’s just be out there too long, and he can’t feel anything but Kill or be Killed. So we’re back to Crazy Rick, which means Zombie Lori should be right along as well.

    Also, Carol has totally Loried Rick. Who put the idea in his head to kill Pete? Carol. Who really wants Pete gone? Carol. Who knows all the weaknesses of Alexandria? Carol. Like she said, she’s invisible, and while people are arguing about what to do with Rick, she’s gonna go Full Shane from out of the shadows.

    “You’re scared of me,” is what the kids in Zombie Land now call, “You really wanna do me, too!” Carl better watch himself, or soon we’ll hear, “Um, Carl? I have something to tell you . . .”

    The betting is The Wolves are The Saviors from the comic, and they’re gonna roll up on the gates by the end of the last episode.

    • mrszoomby says:

      I so love your insights Cassidy 🙂
      I completely agree with everything you are saying about Rick and Carol. I find it really confronting that AMC have convinced me to be so attached to characters – still – even though they are the equivalent of Shane and the Gov. :-/

      • Carol admitted her fear, that if Ed were still alive she would likely be dead. Rick doesn’t believe that, but then he’s never been a battered wife–he just batters their husbands. *rimshot*

        But I think if it weren’t for him and his “Lurve at first sight” with Jessie the Haircut Girl, he might have seen the way Carol is passively manipulating him. At the moment she’s the most dangerous person in the group, because no one sees what she is doing in the background. I do think she’s just gonna step up and take out someone in the last episode, because that has become her way of handing things. I guess we’ll have to come up with a Full Carol definition now . . .

      • mrszoomby says:

        Without a doubt Carol is the most dangerous/powerful person there. So coughing is a little bit Carol and looking at flowers is half Carol… holy shit – now I am even more scared of the woman o.O

      • And cookies and whatever else she may put in there. The whole casserole thing was strange, and then I thought: I’ll bet Carol was off watching Deanna’s reaction to finding it. She’s measuring her, determining how she’s feeling. I mean, why not just give it to her? Because Carol wanted to see her reaction without anyone else around.

      • mrszoomby says:

        It would make sense for Carol to take out Deanna, she is the single person in power there…

      • I know they gave Carol a lot of Andrea’s attributes, but the character is still hurt and damaged, and I think she’s a bit crazy. Where Rick just talks about having to kill just because, Carol just does. The Line of the Season was really at the beginning when she went to scope out Terminus and see about getting everyone back, and when Ty asked how she was going to do it, she said, “I’m going to kill people.” Zero shits given about what she was going to do–that’s straight up sociopathic behavior bordering on psychopathic.

      • mrszoomby says:

        Yep, Carol has shot past ‘survivor’ and straight into ‘I am supreme ruler’

      • If Andrew leaves the show, I can see Carol taking over.

      • mrszoomby says:

        Oh god yeah. If Andrew leaves it will be because he ate her tuna casserole…

      • I have a feeling that someone in the cast is going to die next week–or something bad’s gonna to happen to one of them.

      • mrszoomby says:

        I think so too 😦

  3. marctom1 says:

    Did you notice how crazy Pete the surgeon was and how he was able to resist Rick with such force and did you see his eyes? He’s odd, not just because he’s a wife beater (even though we see no real evidence of that I.E. no bruises or marks on Jesse), there’s something else which the rest of Andrea’s crowd knows about and the’re protecting him.
    Clearly a power struggle here, but Michonne doesn’t see the danger and she’s gone a bit soft. Carol, on the other hand, has crossed over into the land of the fairies and just kills people if she doesn’t like them.

  4. marctom1 says:

    Hey, don’t get me wrong. Domestic violence is appalling, but the point I was trying to make was one of authenticity.Or maybe some of this is so subtle as to not leave physical marks intentionally?

  5. mrszoomby says:

    I agree there is something more off about Pete too. I wonder were like Father Gabriel at the start? Did Pete do things like that to protect the group? That would explain his drinking too. Absolutely agree 100% about what you said about Michonne and Carol!

    • Marc says:

      I might not be able to catch the finale tonight, but this from TWD Wikia:

      Norman Reedus performed an interview where he described the season finale. He said “Bring your Kleenex and you’ll be screaming at your television.” In another interview, Michael Cudlitz stated that the finale will “…piss people off.”

      Sound like it’s going to be pretty unforgettable. Run for the hills!

  6. Marc says:

    I didn’t throw anything at the telly and I wonder why?

  7. marctom1 says:

    Long live Lord Rick!
    Any sign of the Ep 16 recap yet Rachel?

    • mrszoomby says:

      Hi Marc 🙂 Between a new job, school holidays and two Easter’s (Greek as well as the standard one), life is getting in the way 😦 I will be catching up on my recaps by next Monday hopefully 🙂

      • marctom1 says:

        Yes, life can do that lol.
        Whatever, it’ll be a great read when you publish it 🙂

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