And the Winner of the Unremembered Things Giveaway Is….

…Congratulations to AMBER HALL!

Unremembered Things Giveaway image

You have won:

  • 1 x eCopy of Unremembered Things
  • 1 x eCopy of Metanoia
  • 1 x eCopy of The Ring of Lost Souls
  • 1 x $10 Amazon gift card

Thank you to everyone who entered and faithfully tweeted and spread the word about my giveaway, I really appreciate it.

As a token of my appreciation, here’s a previously unreleased teaser from Unremembered Things (Book #1 in the Wood Nymph Chronicles):

It was just a darker part of the bush. At first she didn’t think much of it, but as she turned to leave, she felt her feet digging in their heels, not wanting to go. The tension was building between her shoulder blades again, this time blended with a trickle of intrigue. She turned back with the distinct feeling of being watched. A scan of the dense bush found nothing out of the ordinary.

Except for the dark patch.

The log on which Indiana was sitting ran all the way across the aqueduct, leading into the forest and that dark patch like a green beacon. One foot was now planted on top of the large trunk.

Indiana didn’t feel at all threatened out there in the middle of nowhere. She always felt entirely comfortable in the midst of nature. She was merely curious at what caught her attention. Her first reaction was to throw out her feelers for anything otherworldly. Maybe that had caught her subconscious curiosity?

And it was that curiosity that led her deftly across the large trunk and into the great unknown. The bush on the other side of the aqueduct was dense at the edge of the old cement half pipe, but started to open up as soon as Indiana pushed her way defiantly through. Scrubby branches resisted her path and they clawed at her arms like wild animals intent on keeping this part of the forest as pristine as possible. She persevered though and eventually emerged through the barrier.

If the silence engulfed her out on the main walking track, here it completely swallowed her up. Her ears began to ring like the clatter of a fire siren as she was submerged in the immensity of it. The ground was spongy with moss underfoot but as she walked downhill this gave way to dense pine needles.

There was the flash of a memory.

Mushrooms. She remembered picking mushrooms here; the orange type that only grew under pine trees. She saw herself in a long skirt and bare feet. A woven basket swung on one arm and she ducked down every so often and deftly cut out small orange fungi with a little silver sickle knife.

Then she was back in the present day. She scanned the ground, expecting to see the small mounds that signified mushroom growth underneath. But it was the wrong season for that, she remembered. Excitement filled her as she eagerly clamoured ahead. She had been here before! She hurried on, eager to remember more of her past, more of her time from before.

I hope you enjoyed that teaser. If you still haven’t purchased your copy of Unremembered Things, you can do so by clicking here.


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