BOOK REVIEW – Heart Search: Betrayal by Carlie M.A. Cullen

Heart Search 3: Betrayal by Carlie Cullen


Published by: Myrddin Publishing Group
Publication date: February 7th 2015
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Vampires


One bite started it all . . .

Joshua, Remy, and the twins are settled in their new life. However, life doesn’t always run smoothly. An argument between Becky and her twin causes unforeseen circumstances, an admission by Samir almost costs him his life, and the traitor provides critical information to Liam. But who is it?

As Jakki’s visions begin to focus on the turncoat’s activities, a member of the coven disappears, and others find themselves endangered.

And when Liam’s coven attacks, who will endure?

Fate continues to toy with mortals and immortals alike, and as more hearts descend into darkness, can they overcome the dangers they face and survive?





DISCLAIMER: The books/eBooks being reviewed were provided free of charge in return for an honest review.

So here we are, at the very end of the Heart Search trilogy! I was so excited to see this book arrive and now I am so sad to see the end of the series 😦 From book #1 through to book #3, Cullen has managed to improve on each story, a feat that deserves applause – especially since the series was awesome to start with!

Once more we find ourselves drawn straight into the action that was left off in Heart Search: Found. This book tells the story of Remy, Joshua and their children as they discover a worm within their coven. The intrigue is heightened considerably when the story is sometimes told from the perspective of the traitor and the author succeeds in muddying the water just when you think you might have a clue as to who it is.

The prose, this time round, wasn’t as beautiful as it was in the previous two books, but I am glad it wasn’t as this novel delves more into the mystery element and her gorgeous descriptives would have felt out of place as a result – not that the writing is bad, not at all!

There were two things that stood out exponentially for me with this book: my feelings towards the vampires and the battle scene at the end of the novel. Let me gush over them separately…


I am pretty sure I cannot succinctly put into words how the vampires made me feel in this novel and why I loved the fact that they made me feel so conflicted, but I will try… In Cullen’s book these vampires are characters that I adore. Remy and Josh’s love is exquisite, Samir leads his coven beautifully, Jakki is awesome as a witch-turned-vampire. Yet I struggled with the fact these characters were so blood thirsty for the human race. Seriously, we are nothing more than a quick feed for these vampires. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that they are old school bad-arse vampires, but I felt conflicted that they used humans as nothing more than prey and yet I could still empathize with their plight and rally behind them as they struggled with the fact they had a traitor in their midst. To me, this is what makes a great book! I had to really search myself as I was reading and brooch the that fact that I could fall in love with characters like this. Well done Carlie!

Epic. Battle. Scene.

Heart Search: Betrayal starts off slowly and builds to a crescendo that is the epic battle scene towards the end of the novel. Seriously, it is an AWESOME battle scene! You know how sometimes you are reading a book and you know it will culminate in a battle and the book builds and builds and then the battle comes and goes and feels more like an anti-climax? Yeah, that doesn’t happen here. Also, you know when you get to a battle scene and you find you are glancing over whole paragraphs because the author is over explaining what is happening and, as a result, the action is too slow? Yeah, that doesn’t happen here either. I’m pretty sure this is one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITE written battle scenes.

Overall, I am giving Heart Search: Betrayal by Carlie M.A. Cullen 5 out of 5 stars. Completely loved this series and can’t wait to see what Carlie has in store for us next!

If you want to read an excerpt from this novel, you can do so by clicking here. You can also read my reviews on Book #1 and Book #2.


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Author Carlie M.A. Cullen

Carlie M A Cullen was born in London. She grew up in Hertfordshire where she first discovered her love of books and writing.

She has always written in some form or another, but started to write novels in 2011. Her first book was published by Myrddin Publishing in 2012. She writes in the Fantasy/Paranormal Romance genres for New Adult and Adult.

Carlie is also a principal editor for Eagle Eye Editors.

Carlie also holds the reins of a writing group called Writebulb. They have published four anthologies so far, two for adults and two for children, all of which raise money for a local hospice.

Carlie currently lives in Essex, UK with her daughter.




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