The Walking Dead Premiere: Hits, Misses & Predictions


Okay, so it’s been quite a while since I’ve posted about AMC’s The Walking Dead, but I have been busy promoting the upcoming release of my latest book. (You can click here for more info.) Finally, I have some time to dedicate to my fave zombie show before the premiere of the second half of its fifth season airs.

For starters, if you want a catch up on what went down in the mid season finale, you can check out my recap here.

Now that you’ve caught up on the shit storm that was Episode 8 (entitled Coda), let’s have a look at the video promos for Episode 9 (entitled What Happened and What’s Going On):

Promo #1 (released in Novemeber 2014):

Promo #2 – the first 2 minutes of Episode 9 (released 2 days ago):

The promos look good, don’t it? Raises some questions too. Let’s break it down a bit though:

  • It seems the group is on the move again, this time to get Noah (Tyler James Williams) back to the safety of his own community in Richmond, Virginia. Seems the group, as a whole, have cabin fever and are constantly chasing Utopia – regardless of how many times they get burned!
  • Beth (Emily Kinney) gets a real funeral thanks to Father Gabriel (Seth Gilliam).
  • Maggie (Lauren Cohan) finally remembers she has a sister and my guess is she will spiral down into a really dark place for at least the remainder of Season 5.
  • I’m pretty sure I spotted a recurring zombie in the first promo.
  •  Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) nearly gets bitten. While I assume he’ll be okay, many people will point out how cleanly shaved Andrew Lincoln has been of late…
  • Okay, so is that early photos of Noah and what appears to be his twin? Is that twin still alive? Is that why Noah is so desperate to return home?
  • Why was that a shot of the prison? Aren’t we done with that place already?
  • Now it looks like a shot of Woodbury. I get the feeling AMC wants to remind us of just how fallible ‘safe havens’ really are…

Now, I have also come across an article from Rolling Stone magazine. Having already seen Episode 9, they had the following five (non-spoilery) points to make:

  1. Beth is gone, but not forgotten
  2. Never get too comfortable with the status quo
  3. Get ready to see some familiar faces
  4. Guts and gore galore
  5. Where do we go from here?

The first point is pretty self explanatory, so is point #4 since that has been the show’s mantra since day one. Let’s disregard point #5 since it is just pointing out the obvious – Season 5 will be all about getting Noah home. However, points #2 and #3 have me particularly piqued. Firstly, #2 suggests another main character death. Rolling Stone go one step further and pretty much say that someone else will die in Episode 9 – so who will it be? My guesses (based on nothing more than whim and fancy) are:

  • Maggie – but not by walkers
  • Father Gabriel because I’m sick of him already.
  • Carl (Chandler Riggs). And it will be because he was told to stay in the house and he actually did.
  • Rosita (Christian Serratos). My prediction she is bitten on either the leg or the midriff – can girls not remember to cover up during the zombie apocalypse???

Point #3 has really intrigued me though. While, at first glance, you would assume that Morgan (Lennie James) has FINALLY found Rick, but Rolling Stone adds that it will be ‘some characters you thought you’d never see again.’ Say what?! Wouldn’t it be good if Rick’s group bumped into the Morales family from Season 1? Wouldn’t it be hysterical if they were safer from walkers by staying behind than Rick’s group ever were by leaving?

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Season 5 Episode 9 premiere? Who do you think will return? Who will die? What other predictions do you have? Don’t forget to check out all the other Walking Dead theories I have collated by clicking here. Got a theory that isn’t mentioned there? Let me know and I will add your idea to the list 😉


YouTube: The Walking Dead 5×09 Sneak Peek – Mid-season Premier [HD] Season 5 Episode 9 and The Walking Dead – S5: The First 2 Minutes of the MidSeason Premiere

Rolling Stone magazine – 5 Things to Know for ‘Walking Dead’ Season 5.2 Premiere


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6 Responses to The Walking Dead Premiere: Hits, Misses & Predictions

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  2. What I think:

    That does look like Woodbury, but I think the gated community the teasers show is Wiltshire Estates from Issue #8 of the comic (though the TV has already went to it). That was not only a bad time for the group, but that’s where The Governor’s brother died.

    I believe the person who will die (and there is suppose to be someone) is a character that is supposed to be already dead by this time in the show. That narrows down the list.

    The teaser also shows a car running through a group of zombies–which is what happened when Rick went back for Morgan and returned to the group. Could this be his appearance? There are rumors Morgan will show up before the end of the season.

    Carl–I mean, Coral!–will be upset there isn’t any pudding.

    One important question, however: who, if anyone, sang at Beth’s funeral? Because we know who did the singing . . .

    Also taking the over and under on how long Judith survives. If they don’t make it to the ASZ by the end of the season, she’s gonna be zombie chow.

  3. marctom1 says:

    Missed Sunday’s episode,,S5 EP9?? I seem to have lost track lol.
    I think I might wait a few weeks and then do a marathon as one episode is never enough.

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