AHS Freak Show Recap – Episode 7 Test of Strength

Test of Strength

FX AHS Freakshow Episode 7 entitled Test of Strength 2

So here’s what got my freak on (and off) about Episode 7 (entitled Test of Strength) of FX’s American Horror Story Freak Show:

Freak On

  • The opening sequence being all Bold and the Beautiful between Dandy Mott (Finn Wittrock) lying, Jimmy Penishands (Evan Peters) working out who the other crazy clown was and Dot (Sarah Paulson) coming to realisation they were being fucked over
  • Jimmy singing  Nirvana – Fuck YEAH!!!
  • Dot messing with Elsa’s (Jessica Lange) head. Yeah, the bitch fight is ON!

FX AHS Freakshow Episode 7 entitled Test of Strength 3

  • The gay going on between Stanley (Denis O’Hare) and Dell (Michael Chiklis). Love the sexual tension – even if there is blackmail involved 🙂
  • The feeling that all the story lines are starting to join together into the best tapestry I have ever seen
  • Dell picking on Amazon Eve (Erika Ervin) as his freak victim for Stanley. Who’s the strong man now Dell?
  • The whole ‘is he, or isn’t he gonna kill his son‘ bar hop between Dell and Jimmy. So glad Dell pulled through and didn’t kill his own son
  • Seems Stanley and Elsa are on the same page. Looks like it might be Dot and Bette (Sarah Paulson) who get their formaldehyde on…

Freak Off

  • I choose my sister – Yeah, Bette honey, we need to have a chat about Dot…
  • Would someone call the doctor already???
  • Oh yeah, Ethel (Kathy Bates) is dying. Totally forgot that…
  • Remember Penny (Grace Gummer)? It seems she has one sick and twisted daddy who is prepared to turn his daughter into a freak rather than have her get her jiggy on with a freak *SMH*
  • As a result, suddenly Paul the illustrated seal (Mat Fraser) is well enough to get up out of bed and sympathise with his newly tattooed lady

FX AHS Freakshow Episode 7 entitled Test of Strength 4

What the FREAK Just Happened?

  • Ma Petite (Jyoti Amge) NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! Fuck you Dell! How dare you kill the little lady 😦

FX AHS Freakshow Episode 7 entitled Test of Strength 6

What did you think of Episode 7 of FX’s AHS Freak Show? Let me know by commenting below!

And just because Jimmy’s nirvana impression was awesome, here’s the video clip:

(Photo Credits: FX)

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3 Responses to AHS Freak Show Recap – Episode 7 Test of Strength

  1. I loved Jimmy singing Nirvana–and when he threw the stand to the side, I was like, “Mic drop!” Jimmy OUT!

    Amazon Eve and Dell fighting were hilarious–particularly when she thought he was coming in to rape her, and she justifiably when nuts on him. There was also the point when Dell picked up one her high heels and was liked, “Damn, girl, you got big feet!” I was waiting to see him try and attack her with it, but no, she comes back and–Clobbering Time! Sorry, had to do that.

    Lizard Girl is gonna fuck daddy up bad. I see it coming.

    The Floating Elsa Head–and we thought shit was strange before. Also, Bette’s an idiot, but like, where is she going to go?

    And as much as we’ll miss Ma Petite, really: she shouldn’t have let anyone into her tent, particularly Dell, since she was there when Amazon Eve talked about what he did. She should have moved in with her.

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