AHS Freak Show Recap – Episode 6 Bullseye


FX AHS Freakshow Episode 6 entitled Bullseye 3

So here’s what got my freak on (and off) about Episode 6 (entitled Bullseye) of FX’s American Horror Story Freak Show:

Freak On

  • Bette (Sarah Paulson) in love and Dot (Sarah Paulson) all pissy about it.

FX AHS Freakshow Episode 6 entitled Bullseye 1

  • Freak sex portrayed as normal rather than ‘look at me, having sex with a freak’
  • Dot dreaming about being Dorothy – that woman is as twisted as Dandy
  • Paul the illustrated seal (Mat Fraser) calling Elsa (Jessica Lange) on her bullshit – even if Jimmy Penishands (Evan Peters) defends her irrationally. (Remember Meep (Ben Woolf), Jimmy? Why don’t you give a shit about Dot and Bette?)
  • Paradise being over once Dot called Dandy on lying – guess he won’t want to save HER now if he coughs up for Siamese separating surgery

FX AHS Freakshow Episode 6 entitled Bullseye 5

  • Elsa doing bat shit crazy – always a highlight
  • Mr. Stanley Freak-Who-Hates-Freaks (Denis O’Hare) turning up and spoiling all Maggie Esmeralda’s (Emma Roberts) plans
  • Haha! Fucked up your own birthday didn’t you Elsa. Seriously, someone kill her already…
  • Go bearded Ethel (Kathy Bates)! You might seem like a spineless pushover, but you have balls when it counts!


Freak Off

  • Elsa Mars and her bullseye of death – gee this won’t end badly…
  • Birthday Week. Really Elsa… you are not making me like you AT ALL
  • Ma Petite (Jyoti Amge) in a box. Yes, because she is just a real freak and we better poke as much fun at her size as possible
  • Russian roulette going wrong with Paul the seal – Elsa, seriously, you keep getting rid of your freaks like this and there will be none left! Oh, and NOW Penishands believes him…

What the FREAK Just Happened?

  • Bring me my cuddle! Yeah, because you should keep a small woman at the base of your bed so you can cuddle her after having sex
  • Dandy always being in the wrong place at the right time as far as connecting the dots in the story goes
  • Esmeralda the fake psychic not admitting she really likes the freaks – bitch much?
  • Ma Petite in a jar – fuck you not real flashbacks!

FX AHS Freakshow Episode 6 entitled Bullseye 2

What did you think of Episode 6 of FX’s AHS Freak Show? Let me know by commenting below!

You can read my Episode 7 recap here.

(Photo Credits: FX)

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