BOOK REVIEW: Camouflage by Natasha White

Camouflage by Natasha White

Camouflage by Natasha White

Camouflage by Natasha White
Publication date: June 11th 2014
Genres: horror, serial killers


I chose to write this out of frustration, where are all the female serial killers I asked? Seems the only ones I’ve heard about were abused, tortured, driven to the edge, and from the USA. So I asked myself- is it possible for a normal girl in Ireland to be a killer and yet blend in, and the answer – hypothetically- is yes. If nature and nurture play no part in forming a killer, who or what do you blame? It’s also my massive two fingers to “Chick Lit” The characters are fictional, though some are shadowy past encounters. I have drawn on childhood memories but twisted them for the purpose of fiction. My interest in murder and serial killers dates back to my teens, and perhaps in a different life, I could have been a Sophie. I wish to thank anyone in law enforcement for keeping us all safe from the real life terrors, and having more intelligence than my character would give credit. and a word of warning to lonely guys? – be careful who you date.

*My Book Review*

DISCLAIMER: This book/eBook being reviewed was purchased independently and is a part of my private library. I have in no way been compensated for this review.

So I picked this book up merely because I saw a photo of Travis Fimmel (the Aussie actor from History Channel’s Vikings who plays the lead character, Ragnar Lothbrok) holding it up. The cover didn’t look at all familiar, so I hunted around until I found out the name of the book. Once I read the blurb and discovered it was about a female serial killer in Ireland, there was NO WAY I was putting it back down!

And, I’m happy to say, this book was completely worth the risk of the impulse buy.

The main character, Sophie, is so, well … likable. The author does an excellent job of drawing the reader into her head by initially steering clear of the fact she is a serial killer (and a particularly gruesome one at that). You get drawn into her corporate world and you can totally start to believe her reasoning.

And then she starts killing men for sport. To let off some stream and all, and the reader gets really confused. not because the story starts to unravel in any way, but because the author has done such a brilliant job of making you like Sophie! And then there is the whole ‘but a woman wouldn’t do this’ thing that I never really believed I had conditioned into me. At times I really questioned whether the story was so disturbing to be because of the level of violence Sophie inflicts on her victims, or whether it is because I am uncomfortable questioning my beliefs in such a way.

At times this novel is very obviously self published. I found instances of lack of correct punctuation within talking brackets and some weird capitalisation (and lack of it) at the starts of some sentences. Also, and I’m not sure if this is a UK stylisation or not, but some words I would normally peg as one word, were actually two in this book – ‘meanwhile’ vs. ‘mean while’ being one such example. However, I was completely happy to overlook these flaws because the story just tended to take over and I managed to spend every available moment devouring this book!

Overall I am giving Camouflage by Natasha White 4 out of 5 stars. Make sure you like the Facebook page too, as this book is now casting to be made into a movie and it is DEFINITELY a movie I can’t wait to see!





About the Author

Natasha White is 41, lives in County Wicklow, Ireland, in a crumbling Victorian house, with her partner, three young children, three chickens, a cat and a dog. While coming from a motoring and banking background she has always had an unhealthy interest in serial killers and their psychology. From a carefree childhood in South Dublin through a turbulent and abusive marriage she has drawn on memories and feelings from both experiences. What woman hasn’t entertained thoughts of murder or revenge, but what is your excuse if you’ve never been abused? That’s the question posed by her new book. This book is an insight into Ireland in post Celtic tiger days, the boom is over and certainly the country is bust. The author hoped to draw on that from personal experience, and that of many people in Ireland, although she can’t lay claim to personal knowledge of murder and disposal.


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