SEASON PREMIERE: The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap – Episode 1: No Sanctuary

Andrew Lincoln stars as Rick Grimes in Episode 1 entitled No Sanctuary Season 5 of AMCs The Walking Dead

No Sanctuary

Yay! It’s FINALLY the premiere of Season 5 of AMC’s The Walking Dead! *does a happy dance* Here’s what went down in Episode 1 (entitled No Sanctuary):

We start with a little backstory into the mindset of the inhabitants of Terminus. It looks like they truly were a sanctuary – once. And then the raping and pillaging began…

Enter the present day and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and his gang are busy making homemade weapons out of any spare sharp thing they can lay their hands on. Go Rick – so long as everyone’s pants don’t fall down as soon as they get a chance to attack! We hear Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Maggie (Lauren Choan) chatting about Beth (Emily Kinney); it seems Maggie finally remembers she has a sister. Then Daryl notices people arriving and they are all prepared to attack – except the Termites throw some tear gas in overhead and it is all over red rover.

Judith in Season 5 Episode 1 entitled No Sancturay of AMCs The Walking Dead meme

Rick, Daryl, Bob (Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.) and Glenn (Steven Yeun) are hogtied and taken to a room with a very large stainless steel trough. Four other men are bought in also. Hang on a minute, why is that blonde dude eyeballing Rick? Took me a while, but I finally remembered where I had seen that face before – remember Sam (Robin Lord Taylor), the male part of the couple Rick and Carol (Melissa McBride) bumped into in Season 4 right before Rick sent Carol on a one way roadtrip? Yeah, it’s totally that guy! But not for long…

This next bit is horrendous. But at least I now know that I could never, EVER be a cannibal – no matter how hungry I am! That’s right, those four random guys get their throats slit and they are bled out. Glenn is up next (remember that part in the Season 5 promo trailer with Glenn and the guy with the baseball bat?) but Gareth (Andrew J. West) arrives and demands a shell count from the butchers behind Glenn. Bob takes this opportunity to drag out the suspense and beg for his life. It doesn’t work, but luckily there is a perfectly timed explosion outside…

Hello Carol, Judith and Tyreese (Chad Coleman).

Yeah, it’s okay, we totally don’t want to know how Rick’s gang escapes…

It seems they are on their way to Terminus but thanks to a horde that is following the sound of gunfire from Terminus (which means Carol and Tyreese’s storyline is a little behind Rick’s, placing them back in the Season 4 finale of The Walking Dead), they are sidetracked and end up bumping into Martin (Chris Coy). Martin is setting up fireworks as a walker decoy, which is totally lucky for Carol when she leaves Tyreese in charge of Judith and Martin (because Tyreese is totally kill shy now after what happened to Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) in Season 4), while she goes on a reconnaissance mission into the heart of Terminus – dressed in walker guts. So glad to see this happening again, it’s been a long time since we saw Rick and Glenn do this in Season 2!

Walker Carol gets to see Rick, Daryl, Bob and Glenn hogtied, so they are nearly together in the same timeframe now. She also sees a huge gas tank that just begs to be blown up with fireworks:

Zombie explosion in Episode 1 (entitled No Sanctuary) Season 5 of AMC's The Walking Dead

Yeah, welcome back bad arse Carol! Here Rick, have some humble pie…

So Carol then just walks into Terminus with the horde she road in on – like the mother-fucking-bad-arse-machine that she is and takes back what is hers!

Of course, Rick’s group help a little in that they take advantage of Carol’s exploding zombies and stab the butchers with their homemade weapons. But, first, let’s just look at Maggie’s gratuitous cleavage while we check on the remainder of Rick’s group still trapped in the shipping container:

Maggie Lauren Cohan gets some cleavage in Season 5 Episode 1 entitled No Sanctuary of AMCs The Walking Dead

Moving right along now, Rick’s man-arse group manage to get their hands on some meat cleavers and hack up some walkers. Next they take over a small band of Termites and turn on them with their own guns. Yay! They are weaponed up now!

What about Carol? Yeah, she totally finding Daryl’s crossbow and scrag fighting with Mary (Denise Crosby). Once Mary starts monologuing about the Terminus backstory, Carol finds she has no time for that shit, shoots Mary in the leg and sets the walkers onto her.

Seriously, I wanna marry Carol by this stage! If she could just gut Gareth, my happiness would be complete.

So we need to catch our breath, don’t we? Nope, ain’t got no time for that shit either! Back at the hut, Tyreese and Martin give up on chatting when walkers come knocking. Martin takes his opportunity and runs with it (because they totally didn’t think tying him to some furniture would be a good idea) and threatens Judith. Tyreese does exactly what Martin predicts, which is drop his weapon and jump when Martin says so – except his jumping involves being outside with the walkers. What Martin didn’t expect was that Tyreese would dispatch the undead with his bare hands and waltz back in to kill him (and thus working through his minor kill shy plot).

Back in the shipping container everyone is trying to get Dr. Mullet Eugene (Josh McDermitt) to spill the beans on the cure. He uses a lot of big words but essentially tells them nothing. but that’s okay because it’s time for Rick to show up and rescue their arses. In the midst of a whole heap of flannel-wearing-I’m-sure-I’ve-seen-that-walker killing, they manage to escape Terminus and flee into the forest.

That’s when Carol shows up:

and every Caryl fan out there cried like a baby.

After this, Carol and Rick make up, mainly because Rick has to on account of Carol and Tyreese keeping Judith safe. But there are a million feels to be had when everyone (except poor Beth) are reunited. They decide against finishing off Terminus and head away from cannibal central, but not before Rick changes the sign:

No Sanctury Episode 1 Season 5 of AMCs The Walking Dead

and leaves a few circled crosses carved into the trees as they leave the train tracks and head on into the forest again. Which is totally a good thing for Morgan (Lennie James) who was heading on into Terminus…

On a side note (since it was totally a walk down memory lane for this episode), did anyone else notice that the crazy Charles Manson dude Rick released from that shipping container was the same guy who was raping and pillaging in the Terminus flashbacks?

So, what did you think of Episode 1 of The Walking Dead? Let me know in the comments below!

You can read my Episode 2 recap here.

(Photo/Video Credits: AMC)




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15 Responses to SEASON PREMIERE: The Walking Dead Season 5 Recap – Episode 1: No Sanctuary

  1. Here’s the different between Rick and Carol:

    (When first dealing with The Governor) “I’m gonna talk to him.”

    (When talking about how she’s going to get Rick and Co. out of Terminus) “I’m going to kill people.”

    Carol 1, Rick 0.

    Rick sort of redeemed himself with a lot of full-on “Just shoot them in the back” carnage, but NO ONE has done as much bad assery in 40 minutes as Carol did getting everyone the hell out of Terminus. Death walking with Flaming Zombies while people are shooting at them? Sorry, Daryl: you gotta turn in your bad ass card now.

    I just hope this isn’t the high point and the next seven episodes become The Farm, Part II.

    • mrszoomby says:

      I don’t think this will be another walk in the farm season. Remember Beth is off with some people who look like they know what they’re doing 😉 Also, doesn’t Gareth meet up with them all again? It looked that way in the trailer anyway…

      Also, something I forgot to mention in my recap: at the start of the episode, Carol says to Tyreese something along the lines of: ‘There’s another lesser used track that runs east into Terminus.’ How does Carol know this? Got me to thinking about maybe she’d already had a run in with the place while she was off by herself….

      • Yeah, they meet Gareth later, after they meet Father Gabriel, I believe. So there will be the tension of Rick’s Family and the Termites trying to work together.

        I remember reading there’s suppose to be a Carol flashback of what happened not long after she was given the Rick Kick. Maybe we’ll find out.

        I’m also wondering how long before the love between R and C goes to hell and they have a throw down.

      • mrszoomby says:

        Awesome! Can’t WAIT to find out what Carol was up to! And LOL about Rick and Carl 😀

  2. marctom1 says:

    I thought Maggie was dressed entirely in keeping with her predicament of course.
    I knew they were cannibals all along and wondered if they realised that when they were offered those bacon sandwiches.
    And that Mother Earth Mary? She really creeped me out!
    Notice the chilling Nazi imagery? The wooden cattle trucks, the personal possessions stacked up?

  3. marctom1 says:

    I expect you’re working on Ep 2, so I won’t give out any spoilers here 🙂

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