AHS Freak Show Recap – Episode 1: Monsters Among Us

AHS Freak Show Season 4 Episode 1 Killer Clown

Because nothing says freak show more than a clown with a Hannibal Lector obsession…

Monsters Among Us

Okay, so I’m a bit slow in getting out my recap for the premiere episode of FX’s American Horror Story: Freak Show, but it’s not because I didn’t like it, it’s just because my life has been a bit hectic this week! As a result, I will not be doing a full recap of Episode 1 (entitled Monsters Among Us), instead I will be be doing some Freak Show Quickie lists:

Freak On:

  • This episode captured me in a way AHS Coven never did and, hence, feels more like Season 1 (Murder House) than Season 2 (Asylum) ever did.
  • Some of the actors have the actual conditions on display in the circus. Kudos to the AHS crew for going all equal opportunist on a show that could very well end up being a bad place for perverts to go to and perve on the freaks.
  • Sarah Paulson stars as Bette and Dot in AHS Freak Show Episode 1 (entitled Monsters Among Us)Sarah Paulson. Seriously, this woman is awesome. Not only is she playing two different women, she is playing them while they are co-joined to each other! And the guys that did the SGI on her, please come and collect your awards now.
  • Right from the very first scene the creepy in this show is just fantastic. We start with a classic horror movie faux pas of having the lone stranger venture further into the house that has been the scene of a horrific murder.Next we are introduced to the main cast, some of which currently work at the freak show, and some that are being recruited to it. Then, wicked pause to let us all catch our breath and then the mother-fucking-Hannibal-Lector-face-transplant-killer-clown arrives. So shit gets real and people are murdered and the viewer is left peeing in their pants.
  • Pepper (Naomi Grossman) is back! Looks like those suggestions of Pepper (from AHS Asylum) getting a backstory are actually true 🙂
  • Elsa Mars (Jessica Lange) singing David Bowie’s Life on Mars. It was the classic ‘train wreck that you can’t look away from’ scene.
  • Elsa has prosthetic legs. Just get the fuck out!

Freak Off:

  • That long intro where we are introduced to Bette and Dot as a two-headed lady. Dude, you totally let us know that Sarah Paulson was going to be a two-headed lady in the million promo videos you released leading up to the AHS Freak Show premiere. There was no need to draw it all out like we were supposed to be surprised about it. What, do you think the audience are goldfish?
  • I can see this turning into a voyeuristic ‘look at the freaks’ train wreck if not done properly. It was scenes like the one where the world’s smallest woman, Ma Petit (Jyoti Amge) is presented to us in a birdcage that made me cringe. Yes, I know AHS are continually going to have to walk that line between titillation perversion to get the story told, but I can just see them falling off the rails into territory that will offend more people than it will excite. Jumping right in and asking Bette and Dot about their sex life was another moment when I was left thinking I’m not perverted enough to be watching this show…
  • Evan Peters stars as Lobster Boy AKA Edward Penis Hands in AHS Freak Show Episode 1 (entitled Monsters Among Us)

    Completely this awkward to watch as well…

    Edward Penis Hands. Yep, they totally went there with Lobster Boy (Evan Peters). Not even sure why they did, it added nothing to the storyline what so ever other than perhaps for more of the titillation that falls into the point above’s category.

  • The Bearded Lady’s accent. I love Kathy Bates to bits, but, seriously, I found I didn’t hear a word she uttered from trying to work out that accent! At times I even wondered if she was trying to pull off an Australian accent :-/ It turns out what she was doing (apparently) was a very authentic Baltimore accent. And if you have been scratching your head and trying to work out where you’ve heard it before. Think John Travolta in Hairspray (where, ironically, he is a man playing a woman).
  • Elsa telling us in every scene that she could have been famous. Yeah, we get it AHS writers…
  • Let’s kill the cop because he was trying to do his job. Now I am already completely in love with Bette and Dot and I want to see them free along with the rest of you, but, seriously, that cop has a job to do. There’s no reason to hack him up into pieces. Plus, won’t they just send another cop?

What the FREAK Just Happened?

  • Twisty the Clown (John Carroll Lynch). Just needs to belong in his own category. He honestly scared the shit out of me! And I’m not even one of those ‘clowns-freak-me-the-fuck-out’ types of people. While many people were loosing their shit when the clown first appeared, for me, the scariest part was when you got to visit his decrepit bus in the woods. Watching him torment that woman and child was just. UGH. *shudders*

What did you think of AHS Freak Show Episode 1? Let me know in the comments below!

And just because I’m a sucker for a freaky song, here’s Elsa Mars’ version of Life on Mars:

You can read my Episode 2 recap here.

(Photo Credits: FX)


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5 Responses to AHS Freak Show Recap – Episode 1: Monsters Among Us

  1. 1. I believe Evan Peters was actually going for “The Shocker”, and not just vaginal penetration. That’s why he had his fingers spread.

    2. I thought Kathy Bates was doing a Canadian accent for a while. I heard her say things that I’ve heard Canadians say before.

    3. Sending off the cop with “To the Worms!” was hilarious. Sorry, I’m strange.

    4. Singing “Life on Mars” in the 1950’s is a perfect way to say “I’m insane!”

    5. The moment I saw the corset braces on Elsa’s legs I knew she was missing her real legs. Now the question is, does she take them off when she’s trying to get an extension on her rent?

    It hooked me enough that I want to see more. And I think it was a better start than Coven.

    And Angela Basset as a three-breasted hermaphrodite? Get the fuck OUT!

    • mrszoomby says:

      Can’t WAIT for Angela Bassett! (and for the perfectly timed reality star who recently claimed she had three boobs to come out of the woodwork’s all over again) 😀 I completely agree with you about Evan Peters too – otherwise, where the hell would he tuck away half his hand?

      I am really pleased with this episode, which is lucky for FX as I was really on my last leg (pun completely intended) with this franchise.

  2. anabbloggin says:

    Well f me! I hate clowns and that photo is scary as shit LOL! I’m gonna be waiting until some episodes stack up so I can binge watch but you sure as hell got my curiosity going.

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