SyFy’s Z Nation is Full of ZZZ’s…


Puppies and Kittens

So I was totally getting excited that I would have a new zombie TV series to recap about. It’s a shame this didn’t eventuate, but at least I know now that I have a line drawn when it comes to zombie shows I won’t watch. Previously I was of the assumption that ALL zombie shows were good, so thank you to Syfy’s Z Nation for clearing this up for me!

Should I recap it anyway?

Well, if I could actually finish watching the first episode, then perhaps I would have but five minutes in and I was already questioning how much longer I could stand it for. At the 38 minute mark I finally admitted defeat, not even caring that the gang who had the guy immune to zombie bites had gotten in contact with shouty man who was some sort of governmental dude but who I only knew as the really bad actor Sheldon hired to play a drug addict in The Big Bang Theory.

So was there anything good about it?


Not even the zombie baby redeemed the show. Anyone who puts a zombiefied child into their show and DOESN’T keep people reeled in should shut up shop immediately. Guys, it was a baby. In a baby carrier. With super speed. And it was a ZOMBIE. I still can’t work out how they went wrong with that one. Seriously, it wasn’t scary and it wasn’t funny either.

The Asylum's Z Nation Season 1 Episode 1 entitled 'Puppies and Kittens'

But, I have since discovered that The Asylum, the guys who bought us the steaming pile of zombie excrement that is Z Nation, also bought us Sharknado. I really should have done my research before tuning in.

Apparently Z Nation was a hit with the pirates out there with Variety claiming over 300,000 individual IP addresses illegally downloaded the TV show within 24 hours of it screening. It was some sort of record too. But don’t worry Z Nation, apparently that many pirates can actually be wrong…

All I really know now is that the wait until the Season 5 premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead seems all that much further away now!

Did you watch The Asylum’s Z Nation? What did you think? Let me know your thoughts by commenting below!

Source: Variety – Syfy’s ‘Z Nation’ Premiere Piracy Levels Skyrocket

(Photo Credits: SyFy/The Asylum)


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6 Responses to SyFy’s Z Nation is Full of ZZZ’s…

  1. I can see that pitch meeting:

    “We’ll have a zombie baby–” “And?” “It’ll have super speed–but it’s a baby!” “And?” “No one will want to kill it–because it’s a BABY!” “Hummm . . . Sounds like a winner to me! Who brought the crack?”

    If it wasn’t drilling holes in your stomach, then it shouldn’t be there.

  2. Gypsy Madden says:

    Yup. Tried it, briefly. Mom actually attempted the full first episode. She said she really didn’t care for the zombie baby. I only gave it a couple of minutes before turning it off. The problems I had with it was that they were trying to go for the gross-out factor and the humorous factor rather than be serious as a drama, and none of the acting seemed all that realistic. But then, I keep wondering if I’m being too critical on shows lately. As in, I tried Gotham, but it just seemed to be too much of a cop show with interesting cameos, and tried Forever (just because I loooove Ioan Gruffud) and it just seemed too much like a modern-day Sherlock Holmes (but without the banter of Holmes and Watson) with dashes of Highlander flashbacks (but without the awesome sword fighting).

    • mrszoomby says:

      I think I am getting over critical too. I find it very hard to find decent new shows these days. Although, I honestly believe Z Nation was bad all on it’s lonesome and not because I have set my standards so high…

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