The Walking Dead Season 5 Teaser Videos – Too Shocking for TV!

Will Maggie (Lauren Cohan) survive Terminus in AMC's The Walking Dead Season 5?It is still AGES away until we get to watch the AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 5 premiere episode, but at least a few teasers have been released!

First off we have a Behind the Scenes video that has plenty of annoying intriguing snippets of interviews with the cast and crew of The Walking Dead. It’s hard to watch what is going on behind them as they chat AND listen to what they are saying at the same time, so you may want to watch the first video a couple of times 😉 The most interesting thing said though comes out of the mouth of Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie Greene. It seems some of the recently shot scenes she had seen (or had been involved in) are apparently too shocking for TV! Now, with that, let the conspiracy theories begin on what scenes – possibly – from the comics are too hot to handle!

The second video is not as long as the first but is certainly fantastic to watch because it is an actual teaser trailer from Season 5! We get a glimpse of Carol (Melissa McBride), Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) and baby Judith. Carol whispers one word: “Horde” and they three of them are off and running! The question I want answered though is how long it will be before this group comes to Terminus? Because I am convinced Carol is gutsy enough to save the rest of the gang – single handedly – from the clutches of this new Woodbury.

Let me know your thoughts on what you think will go down in AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 5 by commenting below!

Sources: YouTube – The Walking Dead Season 5 First Look & Greeting From Set HDThe Walking Dead Season 5 Sneak Peek

(Photo Credit: AMC)


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8 Responses to The Walking Dead Season 5 Teaser Videos – Too Shocking for TV!

  1. I have another story about TWD for the next season, but I’ll only PM you about it, because it’s pretty wild, but at the same time, there are some people who say it’s already happened.

  2. Marc says:

    There were rumours that either Rick or Daryl would get eaten, but I don’t buy that.
    TWD without Rick would be like Homeland without Brody. Wouldn’t work, at least for me.
    Carol’s now got a taste for cold blooded murder, so her blasting her way in to the refuge would work.
    How many weeks till October?

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