True Blood Season 7: Why Does the Latest Promo Have a Mistake?

June 22nd 2014 brings the arrival of HBO’s True Blood Season 7. It’s bittersweet to see all the new promo posters starting to bleed in. Yeah, I’m excited about Season 7, but I’m also sad knowing that this is the very last season ever! 😦

Considering the excess in articles I have been writing on True Blood Season 7 over at lately, I still managed to notice something a little off with one of the posters that came out last week. (You can view all of the posters by clicking here). Check out the poster below and tell me what you think:

Last Call True Blood Season 7 promo poster



***SPOILER ALERT – Season 6 is discussed***

Is it just me, or have HBO forgotten that Arlene Fowler-Bellefleur (Carrie Preston) purchased Merlotte’s off Sam (Sam Trammell) last season? When she got that life insurance payout, didn’t she buy Merlotte’s and rename it Bellefleurs in honour of her deceased husband, Terry Bellefleur (Todd Lowe)?

As a result of that, shouldn’t the shot glass above read Bellefleurs instead of Merlotte’s?

Is this a stuff up by HBO or a carefully planted seed? Could Arlene really screw up the bar that badly since the end of Season 6 that Sam has to buy it back? Or could it actually mean that Sam himself is about to die?

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Source: True Blood – Facebook page

(Photo Credit: HBO Inc.)


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9 Responses to True Blood Season 7: Why Does the Latest Promo Have a Mistake?

  1. She’s still using old stuff, and hasn’t had a chance to replace it all. That shit cost money! I’m guessing HBO felt the same. 😉

  2. Edmundoski says:

    I literally just watched the season 6 finale and started watching season 7 and I’m still lost as to how the name changed.. And how did merlottes girlfriend get so big when she didn’t even know she was pregnant in season 6??

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