Something New to Read Until The Walking Dead Returns!

With October still months away, what are we supposed to do in the meantime?

walking dead season 5 posterWell, for starters, there’s the new Season 5 poster above to look at. There’s also the conspiracy theories to keep an eye on in relation to the next season and what the hell is Terminus. Then there are the comics to read and a marathon to be had of the previous 4 seasons – because we all know there is nothing quite like watching the show from start to finish in a matter of days!

But what then?

Well, you could try reading my new novel, Metanoia, that’s what!

At the moment the very first chapter of this novel is free to read via But once I get 50 votes on chapter one, I will release chapter two for you to read FOR FREE as well!

So what’s this damn book about, I hear you ask.

Well, here’s the blurb:

Metanoia by Rachel Tsoumbakos Cover (genre: horror/zombie apocalypse)


Definition: n. a spiritual conversion or awakening; a fundamental change of character

Etymology: Greek ‘change one’s mind, repent’

Marli Anderson has just one task: assassinate Oscar La Monde, the man she once loved. 

As assassin for hire for the prestigious Merrick’s Inc., she is sent back to her home town to kill the man she now loathes beyond all others—her husband. Considering they are on opposing sides of the uprising, Marli anticipates an easy task; ‘closure’ they call it. The fact that she can exact her revenge for his past discretions is just the icing on the cake. 

When she arrives, the town has changed. The man she hated is unexpectedly welcoming. And the town’s folk—well, they’re just… different. Someone or something has transformed them all into a bunch of zombies. They appear to be harmless – but are they? 

As she begins to uncover details of who may be behind the townfolks’ metamorphosis, Marli is left fighting for the truth. Will she and Oscar be able to unravel the web of deception before it’s too late? 

Should she trust her heart or her head? Which is less likely to get her killed? 

Either way, METANOIA is a heart-stopping zombie apocalypse adventure that will keep you guessing at every twist and turn until the very end.

It ticks all the boxes as far as Walking Dead fans go too:

Yep, there’s zombies

The end of world is nigh

√ This is a dystopian universe

√ No YA (young adult) here!

So why not check it out now – the more votes I get, the more you, the reader, gets to read!



About mrszoomby

When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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  1. How do I buy it WOMAN!

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