How to Prepare Your Walking Dead Finale Party

AMC's The Walking Dead Season 4 Finale poster

Who can believe that we are only days away from AMC’s The Walking Dead finale?!

How did the time go so quickly?

Will be get all the answers we crave BEFORE The Walking Dead Season 5 begins?

Is Terminus really the sucky place we all believe it to be?

Will Daryl and Carol finally become Caryl?

Can Rick get himself in (and out) of trouble just one more time in Season 4?

Do I have time to plan a Walking Dead finale party at such short notice?

Well, I’m not so sure about all the answers, but I CAN help out with planning you Walking Dead Season 4 finale party!

Here’s some ideas to get you started:

Costume Ideas

AMC's The Walking Dead Season 4 finale party costume ideas

  • Walkers – this is easy to do in a pinch. Just take some old clothes, rub them in the dirt and grass to stain them up good and proper, then attack them with a pair of scissors. Slash where needed, and cut circles where ever you need a bite mark. Next you need to mix some red food colouring with some PVA (or craft) glue. You need something that will dry clear and is thick enough when wet to create cool drips and blood spatters. Now paint on your blood wherever is needed. For your make up, use plenty of white face paint and grey eye shadow. Food colouring mixed with corn syrup or glucose makes a really easy non toxic runny blood substitute too!
  • The Governor – It’s pretty easy to pick up an eye patch in a pinch. If you have short hair, then go for the crazy but looking cool, calm and collected style the Gov carried out in the first half and the end of Season 4. Alternatively, why not don a wig and a beard and go as ‘Look at me, I’m crazy Brian.’
  • TWD main cast – Have a look in the mirror – do you resemble any of the cast? Even slightly? Considering most of the characters are just wearing crappy old dirty stuff by now, if you bear any resemblance to a character, you could probably just get away with scuffing your clothes up like I suggested for the walker costume and voila! you have a quick and easy costume!

Host a Marathon

AMC's The Walking Dead Season 4 finale party marathon

Got some friends that  are not quite current with The Walking Dead? Then why not host a marathon to get the party started?

For fans in the US, you can watch all previously aired episodes online at the AMC website:

For fans outside the US, it gets a bit trickier, you may have to watch earlier seasons on DVD and use my recaps to catch up on Season 4. (You can start with the Season 4, Episode 1 premiere by clicking here and then clicking through to each new episode from the bottom of each of my recaps.)

Alternatively, check your TV guide. For example, in Australia, SBS is currently showing Season 2 of The Walking Dead. Also, check with your cable providers, they may also be running a Walking Dead marathon leading up to the Season 4 finale.


AMC's The Walking Dead Season 4 finale party food ideas

Need some food ideas in a hurry? Why not try these:

  • Meatballs. Make sure they are in a very rich tomato based sauce. Serve with toothpicks for a neat bloody serve. Or, alternatively, add some spaghetti and hotdogs and you have a bloody mess of entrails to serve your guests. Spoon a glop of it into bread and you have yourself one fancy body part open sandwich!
  • Vanilla pudding. Add just a single drop of black or grey food colouring and set it in small individual jelly moulds. An easy way to serve brains to your guests! Top with a squirt of strawberry sauce. Alternatively, you can add milk to jello (jelly for AUS/UK fans) for the same effect.
  • Got any left over Halloween gummy body parts? Just chuck them in a bowl and let the walkers help themselves…
  • Sandwich fingers – literally! Spread jelly (jam for AUS/UK fans) on bread, cut of the crusts and roll each piece up. Pinch one end to round it off and add and almond sliver fingernail. Using the blunt side of a knife, add two or three indentations for each knuckle.
  • Puff pastry intestines. Cut each pastry sheet into two or three long strips.  Now lay down a length of cocktail frankfurters and roll them up in the pastry, creating long strips of pastry covered franks. Next spray a baking tray with oil and coil these pasty strips up so they look like intestines. Brush (or squirt) tomato sauce along each groove to highlight the intestines and then brush the whole lot with egg wash. Bake in the oven until the pastry is lightly golden, taking care not to burn the tomato sauce.


AMC's The Walking Dead Season 4 finale drink ideas

  • Body Parts Punch. Make up your favourite punch recipe. Add gummy eyeballs and body parts. Yeah, it’s that simple.
  • Dock Street Brewing Company‘s Walker beer. Yep, made with real brains – goat’s brains if that makes you feel any better. The beer will be released in Philadelphia on March 30th – just in time for the Season 4 finale! You can view the full press release here. (Thanks to Cassidy Frazee for this info!)

Image courtesy of


  • Bloody Brain shooter (Click here for the recipe)




Donovan's Zombie Cocktail

Image courtesy of Ashley Derrington/Pinterest



  • Donovan’s Zombie Cocktail (Click here fore the recipe)




The Walking Dead Drinking Game

AMC's The Walking Dead Season 4 finale party - Drinking Game ideas

Image courtesy of The Walking Dead Official Drinking Game Facebook Page

There are a few variants on this game, the best I have found are listed below. However, please be aware that the first one is from Season 1 and the second one is from the Season 4 premiere, so you will have to omit (or alter) some rules accordingly (ie. for Shane and Hershel’s rules)

The Walking Dead Drinking Game #1

The Walking Dead Drinking Game #2

Let me know how your Walking Dead Season 4 finale party goes by commenting below! Or, let us know your fave zombie drinks and recipes!

Sources: Pinterest

The Walking Dead Official Drinking Game Facebook page

Dock Street Beer

(Photo Credits: AMC/Pinterest/ Walking Dead Official Drinking Game Facebook page)


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