Eat Your Heart Out This Valentine’s Day!

Eat Your Heart Out promo banner

SO that wonderful day dedicated to all things love related is fast approaching: Valentine’s Day. What do you have planned for the special day? Roses? Chocolates? Dinner with your honey bunny?

What’s that?

You’re single? You hate all the consumerism bullshit that goes with Valentine’s Day? You’re just not that into romance?

Well, don’t I have a surprise for you then!

Why not pick up some great horror novels to celebrate Valentine’s day? It still involves matters of the heart, just more to do with having it ripped out 😉

Emeline and the Mutants by Rachel Tsoumbakos

The Valentine’s Day ‘Eat Your Heart Out’ author extravaganza promotion will showcase a huge array of horror novels catering to your need for the horror genre. All these books will be offered at the Valentine’s Day special rate of 99 cents when purchased in eBook format.Needless to say, my book Emeline and the Mutants will be one of the scarily good books on offer!

Stay tuned here to find out about some of the other great authors that will be ripping out your heart on Valentine’s Day. Alternatively, go straight to the source by joining up with the Facebook event by clicking here.

During this special author extravaganza you join in on all the fun during Valentine’s Day. The event will include the following awesome things (courtesy of the Facebook event ‘About’ page):

A chance to meet some of your favorite authors online, win prizes, and get some awesome books on sale. More authors, more zombies, post-apocalyptic, and spine-tingling tales all coming to your door Feb. 14th

Can’t WAIT to see you all there!

Eat Your Heart Out promo banner


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When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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