The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap – Episode 8: Too Far Gone

Hershel (Scott Wilson) comes up against the Governor (David Morrissey) in AMC's The Walking Dead

That moment when you realise AMC has killed Christmas…

Too Far Gone

Okay, so wasn’t the mid season finale of AMC’s The Walking Dead full on? Lets recap what when down in Episode 8, entitled Too Far Gone.

Firstly we find the Governor (David Morrissey) doing what he does best – messing with people’s heads and convincing them to do things they wouldn’t normally do. As a result we have the Gov. vs. the Prison 2.0. At least this time round things are completely squared off (or so he thinks) because he has Michonne (Danai Gurira) and Hershel (Scott Wilson) to use as leverage. I love that Hershel mind fucks the Governor here. Although, I couldn’t work out why Michonne didn’t try and take the Governor out when the were all in the motor home together. Sure she had her hands tied, but I’ve seen her kill zombies using nothing but the rope around her wrists before!

Meagan (Meyrick Murphy) gets bitten in AMC's THe Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 8, entitled 'Too Far Gone'It turns out the Governor’s main squeeze, Lilly (Audrey Marie Anderson) is not the Andrea (Laurie Holden) he was grooming her to become. She questions Governor Brian but then stays home to look after Meagan (Meyrick Murphy). This doesn’t go too well when Meagan get bitten by an undead playmate in her mud pile.

Meanwhile, back at the prison, no one even knows that the shit is about to hit the fan, but at least we get the Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Daryl (Norman Reedus) show down we’ve been waiting three episodes for. Turns out it was more like a candle in a sun shower though! While we were all expecting Daryl to get pissy with Rick (maybe even punch him in the mouth or something) and then storm off in search of Carol (Melissa McBride), what really happened was Daryl acted all mature about it, accusing Rick of not really believing Carol would survive out there and then offering to help Rick out when he tells Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman).

There's a new psychopath in town in AMC's The Walking Dead, Episode 8, entitled 'Too Far Gone'

Of course we never get a chance to find out Tyreese’s reaction to Carol’s murdering ways since he has some creepy artwork to show Rick and Daryl. He thinks that who ever made it was the person who killed Karen (Melissa Ponzio) and let the rats in. Um no, Tyreese, it seems we have a new psychopath to look out for in Episode 9 though….

So the Gov. takes Michonne and Hershel along to the prison as negotiating tools. He wants the prison all to himself without a fight – or so he is trying to convince everyone. Only problem is that Rick and the rest of the Old MacPrison’s farm know better. Rick tries to negotiate, the Governor says it’s his way or the highway. Realising he’s flogging a dead horse, Rick pleads with the other members of the Gov.’s posse. Once the Gov. realises his hand is slipping, his hand does actually slip – and it’s off with Hershel’s head.

Well kind of. Nearly headless Hershel then makes like a snake and tries to wriggle his way out of the danger zone. Unfortunately this doesn’t get him very far and the Gov. hacks him up.

Rest in Pieces Hershel Green (Season 2 – Season 4)

And then it’s a bullet to the brain for poor little bitten Meagan. The Governor is unravelling fast now…

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) loses her father in AMC's The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 8, entitled 'Too Far Gone'

That moment when you realise Maggie (Lauren Cohan) is so happy that someone close to her must die…

So it rapidly goes to hell in a hand basket after that. The tank rolls in and takes down the prison walls, proving once and for all that the Governor never really wanted the prison, he just wanted to make Rick and the rest of his crew suffer. Maggie (Lauren Cohan) and Beth (Emily Kinney) are crying and screaming and shooting at the Governor like female Rambo’s.

The episode gets a bit choppy after this, basically it goes something like this:

  • Rick gets shot in the leg but hides behind the upturned bus
  • The Governor also gets shot, but this doesn’t seem to slow him down at all
  • Daryl nearly gets bitten by a walker but lives to tell the tale – wearing the dead undead as a suit of armour afterwards as he plays with grenades – it’s hilarious!
  • Judith goes missing in AMC's The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 8, entitled 'Too Far Gone'The kids are tasked with getting Judith safely on the bus – yeah we all know this won’t end well…
  • Speaking of the bus: Maggie and Beth are on it, then Maggie’s off it, then she’s back with a still ailing Glenn (Steven Yeun), then she’s back off it because Beth has also stepped off to look for Judith. It actually gets annoying here and I am glad when the bus finally drives off – yep, Maggie got left behind, but at least she has Bob Stookey (Lawrence Gilliard Jr.) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) along with her
  • Tyreese nearly gets killed but is saved by a gun-wielding Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) – Carol’s story time seems to have paid off (take that one Rick!)
  •  Rick trips the Governor over as he’s walking past the bus and it’s old fashioned fisticuffs for the pair of them
  • Daryl and Beth run off together (no, not like that)

    Rick (Andrew Lincoln) nearly dies in AMC's The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 8, entitled 'Too Far Gone'

    That moment when you realise you have to wait until February for The Walking Dead to return…

  • The Gov. nearly manages to strangle Rick but Michonne steps in – just in the knick of time – to stab the Governor and leave him for dead
  • Lilly finishes what Michonne started and shoots the Governor dead. (I’m assuming this, since we didn’t actually see the bullet wound)
  • Rick gets saved by Carl but finds a bloody baby carrier minus Judith – is she dead?

This episode ends with the following groups leaving together:

  • Glenn is on the prison bus with a whole heap of Woodbury people
  • Bob Stookey, Maggie and Sasha leave together
  • Michonne is by herself (or did she rescue Judith since walkers are notoriously bad at negotiating belt buckles?)
  • Tyreese and the kids (including Lizzie and her sister) are together
  • Daryl and Beth leave together
  • Rick and Carl stagger off away from the prison
  • Tara (Alanna Masterson) and Lilly are separated, so who knows where they end up

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Carl (Chandler Riggs) leave Old MacPrison's farm in AMC's The Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 8, entitled 'Too Far Gone'

So what did you think of Episode 8, entitled Too Far Gone? Was The Walking Dead finale as good as you expected? Did anyone else spot the zombie Easter egg from Season 4, Episode 1? Finally, how long do you think it will take for them all to re-group in February? Let me know in the comments below!

AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4 will return Sunday 9th February 2014.

You can read my Episode 9 (Mid Season return) recap here.

(Photo Credits: AMC)

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12 Responses to The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap – Episode 8: Too Far Gone

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  2. Marc says:

    Why Hershel?
    I nearly kicked over the TV after watching that.
    And the Guv just will not die will he? He definitely has Walker genes.

  3. Marc says:

    Everyone is saying that The Guv is dead, but that wasn’t totally clear was it?

    • mrszoomby says:

      No it sure wasn’t! Although there were walkers in the background, it’s pretty likely he is dead. Although it would be funny if he showed up later in the season as a zombie 😉

  4. Marc says:

    They left it hanging actually. I mean poor old Hershel is pushing up the daisies, no question.
    I see the Guv miraculously escaping to live another day, but not as a Zomboid.

  5. Marc says:

    I must admit that I was getting a little tired of his antics, but you know what these producers are like 🙂

  6. Marc says:

    Hi Rachel
    In Argentina, we’re getting episode 9 on Monday night at 22.00, so I’ll have to lock myself away till then or catch up with the wacky world of Prison Break 🙂

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