The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap – Episode 5: Internment

Maggie (Lauren Cohan) singlehandedly takes on the walkers in AMC's The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 5, entitled 'Internment'


So what did you think of AMC’s The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 5, entitled Internment? Were you as pissed off as I was to see they’d dragged the Daryl (Norman Reedus) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) confrontation through to Episode 6? And did anyone else think that this episode was bought to you by the letter M (for Moral Highground)?

So here’s what went down in Episode 5:

Basically we are dealing entirely with the flu outbreak in Old MacPrison’s farm. Hershel (Scott Wilson) spends the entire episode dragging bodies away for their final head shot rather than let the rest of the infected see what they already know is going down. AMC, I guess, is trying to show us the moral side of the apocalypse, the anti-Carol version of it. It’s nice, but I just kept getting pissy at Hershel for making Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green) drag the bodies around when they are both so horribly sick.

Rick finally returns and chats to Maggie (Lauren Cohan) about Carol’s (Melissa McBride) redundancy, once more asking for some sort of acceptance for what he’s done. Maggie agrees with him, but I guess that’s because Glenn is sick and she doesn’t want Carol around killing him off. Maggie is desperate to get inside the prison but Rick convinces her otherwise and they reinforce the fences surrounding the prison.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and Carl (Chandler Riggs) star in AMC's The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 5, entitled 'Internment'

Father/son bonding is a little different after the zombie apocalypse…

Carl (Chandler Riggs) is turning out to be less of a shit this season, instead growing up a little and trying to fit more comfortably into the adult world. Rick, of course, is having a hard time dealing with that and keeps trying to push his back into the kiddie corner. This episode, however, shows Rick that it’s time to let his little boy grow up. And, later on, down the track, Carl thanks his father by saving his life when the fence is compromised and their machine guns aren’t the unlimited ammo variety they normally stock up on in the show.

With the fence compromised, it is a perfect time for it all to go to hell in a hand basket inside the prison as well (and did anyone notice how quickly it got dark? Rick and Maggie are fixing the fence in daylight. The shit hits the fan and then Carl and Rick are gunning down walkers in the dark).

It goes to hell in a hand basket in AMC's The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 5, entitled 'Internment'

So Sasha is so exhausted from keeping a guy alive with a resuscitation bag that she passes out. Glenn – exhausted from dragging and stabbing bodies – then falls asleep. When he wakes up, oopsies, resusc. guy is now dead. Glenn performs CPR on him (which makes me wonder – can you bring someone back after the zombie apocalypse? I wouldn’t think so, however Glenn tries anyway) to no good use. He tries to call Hershel but has a coughing fit instead. Things are looking REAL bad for Glenn right about now.

This is the moment when the flu walkers take their chances and rise up in the prison. Hershel nearly gets himself killed by a walker, ditto Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino), but they are saved by others. Maggie finally breaks into the prison, kills reanimated resusc. guy and helps her dad get Glenn breathing safely again. Not so sure Glenn should be breathing in resusc. walkers bad air, but I guess that’s an opportunity for another episode.

So things are finally sorted in the prison, the dead are completely dead and the living are hanging on – which is when Daryl and his crew finally arrive home with their life-saving medicine.

Rick (Andrew Lincoln) picks peas with Carl (Chandler Riggs) rather than tell Daryl (Norman Reedus) about Carol (Melissa McBride) in AMC's The Walking dead, Season 4, Episode 5, entitled 'Internment'

And life-saving it appears to be, since the next morning Hershel announces that Glenn made it through the night and is now breathing independently again.

Rick is now spending time with his son rather than search out Daryl.

Daryl is looking for Carol, at which point Hershel directs him to find Rick – after reassuring him she’s okay.

Hershel decides to take a road trip with Michonne (Danai Gurira).

And then, fuck me, there’s the Governor (David Morrissey) outside the prison.

It's all fun and games until the Governor (David Morrissey) turns up in AMC's The Walking Dead, Season 4, Episode 5, entitled 'Internment'

Cue end of Episode 5.

So, what did you think of this episode of The Walking Dead? Now that the Gov. is back, do you think we’ll get a look in at Carol any time soon? Let me know in the comments below!

You can read my Episode 6 recap here.

(Photo Credits: AMC)


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13 Responses to The Walking Dead Season 4 Recap – Episode 5: Internment

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  2. Last season Lori saved Hershel’s life with CPR. It can happen. What shouldn’t have happened were all those non-flu zombies reviving so quickly. The blonde girl gets shot in the heart, and instantly she’s a walker. Same with the dad that bleeds out.

  3. anabbloggin says:

    Yeah, the dragging of the confrontation really annoyed me. That bleepin’ kid really annoyed me, Hershel risking his life for the sake of sparing the kids the sight of something they will have to get used to annoyed me, uber fast reanimations annoyed me, the governor appearing just now annoyed me…

    • anabbloggin says:

      And the whole fence thing annoyed me to fuck. Really? With all those people they couldn’t get a rotation plan going to keep the zombies from piling up? Come on! And the bleepin watch tower, nobody is ever there! Sniper dude/ watcher, always… grrrr.

  4. Drake says:

    There are loads of things that annoyed me about episode 5 this season but we also have to keep in mind that the producers have a reason for it all…maybe….hopefully…

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