The Calling Promo Video (Prequel to The Dark Horde)

The Dark Horde by Brewin (Genre: Horror)

A while back I read a really awesome horror novel called The Dark Horde by an Aussie author who goes by the name of Brewin. (You can see my review on this novel here.)

Well, now it has come to my attention that there will be a prequel to this book! Not only is this great news as I can’t wait to delve into the hideous backstory of the character involved, but this prequel is a little different to all the others…

Can you hear…
Can you hear The Calling?

Yep, it’s a musical prequel! Remember War of the Worlds? Think along those lines for The Calling.

Make sure you join Brewin’s Facebook group as well as his YouTube channel so you can find out all the latest on this fantastic project.

And if you want to read The Dark Horde, you can purchase it via Amazon here.


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4 Responses to The Calling Promo Video (Prequel to The Dark Horde)

  1. Brewin says:

    P.s. I should probably also add that I’m currently doing a giveaway where you can win a signed paperback copy of The Dark Horde (among other prizes) as part of the Coffin Hop Horror Blog Tour. (Ends Halloween so you haven’t got long!)
    Details can be found here:

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