THE WALKING DEAD: Is Daryl Dixon the Next to Die?

Okay, so I am just watching AMC’s The Walking Dead Episode 1 again and, now that I know Patrick (Vincent Martella) is a dead man walking, I noticed something disturbing:

Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) licks his fingers in AMC's The Walking Dead

The fuck is up with that Daryl Dixon?

Even in a non-zombie apocalypse, it’s the height of bad manners! But now, with all the infection and the killing of critters – both undead and living -mixed with an understandable lack of hygiene, I am really starting to get worried. Surely this is going to end badly?

Although, I have a few ideas on what may happen:

  1. Daryl (Norman Reedus) is the carrier and infected Patrick. It will be interesting to see how much contact he has had with violet and the others pigs up to this point, if this scenario is the case.
  2. Patrick was the host and now Daryl is infected. Since we have seen him merely wipe of an arrow rather than wash it properly after killing zombies and squirrels alike, it is more than possible that germs have transferred as a result of this interaction with Patrick.
  3. The pig is the host and only contact with swine will cause people to become infected with this mysterious and deadly illness. If this is the case then both Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) are at risk of dying this season!
  4. What we have is an outbreak of swine flu. The pig died from it, but didn’t reanimate because animals are not affected by the zombie-virus, but, since humans are, they die and reanimate.

So, what are your thoughts on this? Let me know in the comments below. Also, make sure you check out my conspiracy theories page for all the up to date theories on what will go down in The Walking Dead Season 4.

(Photo Credit: AMC)


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12 Responses to THE WALKING DEAD: Is Daryl Dixon the Next to Die?

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  2. Mitch says:

    Rachel, I am at a total loss. I’m not a big fan of the original cast being “cast-off”. But, looking back it is quite obvious that most have been, Actors are actors… and as such, they live to act. I’m sure some are happy to stay on board while others are itching to move on with their lives and act elsewhere. But, that doesn’t sooth the feeling of loss that we who are attached to certain cast members feel when one of our favorites dies off. It’s funny really, I grew up in the 1960’s television world where NOBODY died. (except in real life).

    The Andy Griffith Show – nobody ever died in character.
    The Dick Van Dyke Show – same as above
    Mission Impossible – ditto
    Green Acres – same
    Combat – same
    Bonanza – same
    and on, and on, and on. But, I digress.

    Perhaps Daryl is ready to move on in his profession before the “stereo-type” plague sets in? In other words – Once Daryl, always Daryl?

    BTW… Good topic, Rachel 🙂

  3. anabbloggin says:

    Option 4, option 4 for the love of Christ!

  4. connie harrison says:

    some populations like the racoon hunters of North Florida have some immunity as has been proven Maybe he is a carrier but will never get sick No need to put him down

    • mrszoomby says:

      Oh really Connie? I didn’t know that. Thanks for explaning 🙂 I don’t think Daryl will die, there really would be riots 😉 But I certainly think the writers are having a ball messing with our heads 😉

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  6. Barry Obama says:

    Who cares who lives or dies? It’s just a show. A show about a zombie apocalypse. The acting (loosely) is terrible and the writing (loosely) is even worse. I could care less who lives or dies. They are all going to die eventually. If this offends anyone, go write a blog about it.

  7. Drake says:

    I think that half the people in the prison are screwed big time. This Super Flu though (As it was revealed in Talking Dead) will NOT kill off any important characters. (I read the graphic novels) Daryl will still be good old Daryl.

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