THE WALKING DEAD: Conspiracy Theories for Season 4

TWD S4 Conspiracy Theories

**UPDATED: 31st March 2014***

Since we had so much fun with all the crazy awesome conspiracy theories last year on AMC’s The Walking Dead, I thought I’d start up a new one for Season 4. Let me know your ideas on what will eventuate in Season 4 and I’ll update regularly so we know which is right or wrong!


Black – Theory only, neither confirmed or denied yet

Red – Theory busted!

Green – Theory confirmed

Blue – Extra commentary

The Governor

  • He is holed up somewhere close to the prison so he can keep an eye on what is going on. Sure he was close to the prison at the end, but he wasn’t keeping tabs on them until the very end.
  • Michonne (Danai Gurira) will get abducted by him. √
  • Thanks to blog reader Ashe for suggesting that the Governor is actually the one leaving the rats for the zombies. Considering it’s been months and there is still that great dirty hole in the prison wall, there is a good chance he could be sneaking in and creating chaos. Those burned bodies in Episode 2 could also be his handy work. The bodies were the handy work of Carol. As for the rats, it appears that the Governor was too busy being crazy elsewhere with Lilly, Tara and Meagan to be placing rats inside the prison.
  • The Governor (after being stabbed by Michonne and shot by Lilly (Audrey Marie Anderson) in the mid season finale) is not actually dead.
  • We will see the Governor later on in Season 4 as a zombie! Since Season 4 has finished, this theory is no longer plausible.

Carl Grimes

  • Will flip it like his daddy did last season.

Rick Grimes

  • Did anyone else notice how Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was staring at that eyeless zombie in Episode 1? Who is it and why does he seem important to Rick? This was just a way of showing the audience that there were flu zombies out there.


  • This is the town Michonne was staring at on the map in Episode 1. Will it have something to do with the original outbreak?
  • This is the town Michonne is from.
  • This is where the Governor (David Morrissey) is. Michonne already has him captive here and is torturing him.


  • In the opening credits of The Walking Dead Season 4, Glenn’s (Steve Yeun) name is next to a clock, therefore he will die this season. Thanks to blog reader Nya for pointing out that Glenn’s name was next to the clock in Season 3’s opening credits. She also reminded us that Hershel (Scott Wilson) gave Glenn a watch last season to signify his approval of Glenn marrying Maggie.


  • Carol didn’t really kill Karen and David, she was just covering for Lizzie and Mika – thanks to a vow she made to their dying father to protect them. (Thanks to blog reader whatislyfeman for this awesome idea!)

The Non-zombie Outbreak

  • Pigs and humans are known scientifically to be able to transmit disease between each other. Could the zombie virus have mutated and infected the pig that died in Episode 1? If this is the case, then perhaps the swine version then reacts differently when it crosses back over into humans and that is why Patrick (Vincent Martella) died. The flu was caused directly by humans and pigs being in close quarters together.


  • They seem to be smarter in Season 4. Perhaps they are massing around the prison fence-line because they have worked out that they can push it down. The rats that a mystery person is feeding to them is what is making them mass around the prison fenceline.
  • Whatever that pig contracted will help to make the zombies smarter.

The Traitor

  • Thanks to Nya for also pointing out that in some of the Walking Dead teaser videos, there was evidence of a traitor feeding rats to the zombies outside the Prison to encourage the to swarm around the fences. Nya also suggests that this traitor could be the girl (Lizzy) that Carl was arguing with in Episode 1, the child who kept insisting that zombies were still people and deserved names. √
  • The Governor has an insider already in the Prison, quite possibly the medic. This medic may have medical knowledge that is leading to the sudden deaths and quick turning of the Prison, starting with Patrick. (Thanks to Joseph Champion for this theory.)
  • Blog reader Jason has noticed that when Prison people were stabbing zombies through the fence, one character stood out as potentially having anger management issues. This man exclaims ‘Take that’ and that seems to be the end of that… Or is it? Jason did a bit of research on this and it turns out this character was billed as David (played by actor Brandon Carroll) in the end credits. Since he was not mentioned by name in Episode 1, who is this mysteriously cranky David and why is he listed in the cast already? Thanks so much for your keen eye Jason!  David was killed and burned in Episode 2/3 – or was he?
  • Karen faked her own death. This is disproved at the end of Episode 3 when Carol owns up to killing and burning the bodies.

Daryl & Carol (Caryl)

  • Nothing will happen and we will be tortured with the hint of their romance for another season! √

Bob Stookey

  • He was involved in the helicopter crash we saw in Episode 1. He will have vital evidence about the zombie virus mutations (ie. the pig).

Daryl & his Finger Licking Ways:

In Episode 1 we see Daryl lick his fingers before shaking Patrick’s hand. Since Patrick winds up dead by the end of the episode, here’s some ideas on what went down:

  • Daryl is the carrier and infected Patrick.
  • Patrick was the host and now Daryl is infected.
  • Violet the pig is the host and only direct contact with swine will result in contamination (which puts both Carl (Chandler Riggs) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) at risk.)
  • This is simply a case of Swine Flu – so some susceptible people will die of it, others will just get very sick as a result. √


  • Since she was born as her mother was dying, she is immune to the zombie virus (Thanks to Eva for this theory 😀 )

Tell Tale Games Crossover

  • The city of Macon is mentioned in Tell Tale’s game of The Walking Dead.
  • The zombie with the bear trap on her leg is also from Episode 2 of the game.
  • Thanks to Sanityislife for noting these crossovers!

Recurring Zombies

In Season 3 there were a few recurring zombies. Have you seen any yet? Or have any from Season 3 resurrected in Season 4? Let me know and I will add them to the recurring zombie page.

Easter Eggs

  • TWD S04E08 Easter EggThe zombie we see at the end of the mid season finale is actually the crazy lady Rick meets up with in the Season 4 premiere.
  • In Season 4, Episode 14 (entitled The Grove) we saw Carol, Tyreese, Lizzie and Mika putting together a puzzle. If it was completed, they would have discovered that it was actually an image of Sophia (Madison Lintz), Carol’s daughter who died in Season 2 of The Walking Dead.


For a complete list of Terminus conspiracy theories as well as a more comprehensive discussion, please go here.

  • Terminus - is it all it's cracked up to be in Season 4, EPisode 13 of AMC's The Walking Dead?It’s a town filled with cannibals
  • Beth (Emily Kinney) is what Mary was cooking up on the grill in Season 4, Episode 15 (entitled Us)
  • The group Daryl (Norman Reedus) is with are actually from Terminus
  • The Governor’s head will turn up here. Probably in a fish tank…
  • The message on all the Terminus signs is actually a riddle, or one of those things where the meaning changes completely once correct punctuation is applied.
  • Mary (who appears at the end of Season 4, Episode 15) is the woman from the creepy house of death in Episode 11:

Mary isn't all she seems to be in Season 4, Episode 15 of AMC's The Walking Dead

  • Mary is Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) and Mika’s (Kyla Kenedy) mum


  • He’s not really a scientist
  • He learned all his fancy knowledge from video games


  • Beth has been kidnapped to be used in the sex trade (Thanks to Eva Sless for this theory!)
  • Beth is on Mary’s BBQ at Terminus

Okay, there’s a few ideas to get you all started! Let me know your ideas and I will add them to the list 🙂

(Photo Credits: AMC/Rachel Tsoumbakos)


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73 Responses to THE WALKING DEAD: Conspiracy Theories for Season 4

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  2. Great theories! I think the Governor already has an insider in the prison, perhaps the Medic, and maybe due to some research he had done in Woodbury, he has a way of killing people quickly and making them turn.

  3. Nya says:

    Wasn’t Glenn’s name next to the ticking clock in the credits throughout last season as well? It’s the clock that Herschel gave him when he wanted to marry Maggie! Also, I believe Rick was staring at that zombie by the fence (that was bleeding from the eyes) because it looked strange, but it was mostly to focus the viewers on his face: Patrick, when he died that night in the shower, was also bleeding from the eyes, mouth, and nose, exactly like the walker Rick was staring at. So it was a foreshadowing of humans having died of this disease (which one of the producers of the show have stated out-right that it’s Spanish flu).

    Finally, in many of the trailers for this season, it has been shown that there is a “traitor” inside the prison who has been feeding rats to the walkers along the fence, causing them to crowd up and cause the fences to go down. I don’t think the traitor is someone working for the governor, but in fact that little girl who Carl was arguing with in episode 1: the girl who kept insisting that walkers were still people and should still have names.

    • mrszoomby says:

      Ah, thanks for the explanation re Glenn and the clock Nya 🙂 And also for all the other info. It’s much appreciated 😀

    • mrszoomby says:

      Good call on the young girl too! I really think you may be right there 😉

    • mrszoomby says:

      Nya, thanks so much for your ideas, I have added them to the theories above 😀

    • Alana says:

      I agree with both points, the watch is significant to Glenn’s character because it was a gift from Hershel. I’d be more worried about the characters who’s names appear next to the graves in the credits… Then again, when Lauren Cohan’s did last season she was fine, so it doesn’t mean FOR SURE Michonne will this season either. And yeah, I don’t think Rick had any personal connection with the eyeless zombie, but it was alluding to the disease that they’d soon be devastated by. Besides, if I remember correctly, when Rick and that doctor, Caleb, were examining Patrick’s body, Rick did comment how he had seen the same thing on a walker outside the fence.

  4. jason says:

    NO one is talking about this but at the fence is a dark haired guy that says TAKE THAT after stabbing zombies. He seems like he could be hiding some crazed anger haha….I noticed at the end of the credits it said CO-starring Brandon Carroll as David. I looked this guy up and he is the guy at the fence. Why is his name DAVID? no one said his name yet. I was like WOW no one noticed

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  6. Ashe says:

    I’ve got a theory that it’s the Governor leaving rat bodies just inside the fence, to attract the zombies to it. It could also be him who burned the two people who were ‘infected’. He could be doing this to create chaos. Because no one will own up to it, it will arouse suspicion, create fighting, and destroy the unity of the group. It’s been months since last season, plenty of time for the Governor to find a way in, catch rats, and begin his plan. Remember that hole in the wall? It’s perfect.

  7. drew says:

    the ‘traitor’ has been there from the beginning. remember in a previous episode someone broke a chain lock on a fence and let zombies into the prison? this happened before things went south with the governor

  8. Angreesloth says:

    Unless I’m completely wrong, Lori was dying because she was gashed open and there wasn’t much they could do. That wouldn’t make Judith immune to the zombie outbreak. Also, it’s been confirmed by Robert Kirkman and Greg Nicatero that the illness going around is something akin to spanish flu; something that could be easily taken care of if there were normal medicine.

    I doubt the governer is inside the prison. From how far we’ve seen him descend last season I don’t think he would wait, he’d just go in and shoot up the place. I’m curious about the voice we heard on the radio in the Talking Dead preview for episode three, and the 7500 strong herd heading straight for Daryl and company. Is there another large group of survivors or is that giant mass of walkers the remnants of whatever is broadcasting that signal?

    • mrszoomby says:

      I have read a few zombie apocalypse stories where the child born as the parent was dying from infection made the child immune, so I can see how they would use that.

      Personally, I don’t think the Governor is in the prison either. I think he’s either away somewhere plotting his revenge – or Michonne already has him 😉

      As for the broadcast, I figure we will find out more about that in future episodes, but for the time being, it has me stumped! And I just can’t WAIT to see what havoc that herd plays with the prison! 😉

  9. Josh Mullane says:

    I think that Glenn is the traitor. This is because, in season 3 when the Governor infiltrated the prison and left a bus full of walkers, Glenn had left in his truck. The masked figure who unloaded the bus had a stature alike Glenn’s, ran like him and also had a similar gun. Once the Governor had left with the masked man, Glenn returns in his truck. This is increasingly questionable as if the Governor had seen Glenn on his way back to Woodbury, he would have killed him. I believe Glenn is doing this, under an agreement for Magie’s safety. Which Magie is oblivious to.

  10. Justin says:

    Have you thought that maybe Karen faked her own death and was actually the one who has been feeding the walkers on the fence?

  11. sanityislife says:

    I was thinking as a possibility, but maybe everything in season is some way connected with the Tall Tale game The Walking Dead? Partly because the hints of Macon being a possible place, coupled with that lady walker in this week episode, limping around with a bear trap in her leg (hint to Episode Two of the game?) And the train with the army walkers walking away from, possibly they were nearing the city of Savannah?

    Also, I think Gleen might be the culprit of killing Karen and David. Maybe he was fearing the disease was spearding and tried to stomp it out before it got to everyone? But…. sadly, he caught.

    • mrszoomby says:

      Awesome idea sanityislife! I haven’t played the game yet, but they have used the other WD game, Survival Instinct to flesh out Daryl’s backstory in relation to his crossbow, so it would make sense to have a crossover into the TellTale game also 😀

      Thanks so much for your thoughts 😀

  12. Eric Z says:

    Jenner seemes to have said something to Rick along with the fact they’re all infected. Does Rick know something about this mutation he hasn’t mentioned yet? Also the pistol Rick pulled out of the ground while setting up crops. Maybe there is a mass grave they don’t know about in that ground full of either walkers or just corpses, and it’s tained the soil.

  13. Btwice says:

    i think the governors plan is to take judith away from rick. seems like hes been a different person since losing his daughter, and would love to make rick feel his pain for all he feels rick has done to him. I also think michonnes hometown is macon, and that she fears the governor has been there and found out something about her past…

  14. mark says:

    Totally unrelated too season 4 but I watched the pilot again and I think it’s all a dream in Ricks head ?

  15. Drake says:

    The zombie theories were disproven on Talking Dead in Episode 1 when they had the Executive Producer on and he said that, “No the zombies will not be getting any smarter they will just mass at the fence looking for food.” Therefore,the zombies will not be getting any smarter this Season. Also, Lizzie was proven not to have been feeding the zombies on Talking Dead also, since she is only a child it was pointed out that she would have no way of getting high enough to be at eyye height with the Walkers.

  16. Kara says:

    I have heard a theorie that tyreese has Judith. At the end of the last episode of season 4, part of the prison blows up and you can see tyreese running while carrying something in his arms with his gun slung on his shoulder. He also was in that area where Judith was dropped off by the kids.

  17. Chris Casario says:

    I think Lizzie & Mika are re-vamped version of Ben & Billy from the comics and Lizzie may murder Mika as Ben did to Billy, forcing Carl to take matters into his own hands and kill Lizzie.

  18. Sabrina Bowman says:

    While the group is split up in many groups someone is bound to run into Carol & maybe some new people she found.

  19. Dottie says:

    I have a theory that Rick is the antidote to the virus. He could have died in the hospital but never turned.

  20. matt says:

    what is up with the pistol that Rick pulls out of the ground in the beginning of season 4 episode 1? Is there some sort of significance to the pistol is there a story there???

  21. Alden says:

    Lizzie is a serial killer in the making. As noted above, I think she killed Tyrese’s girlfriend and Carol covered it up. I think Lizzie is also the one that was feeding the rats to the walkers, and dissected whatever animal they found cut up. Myka telling Lizzie, “No, you don’t understand them.” (walkers) makes me think this even more.

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  24. marctom1 says:

    As I said at the end of S4 E7 (?), the gov survived somehow and didn’t turn.
    He could very well be who is waiting for the gang at Terminus.

  25. I like that joe is daryl’s father and that the reason that len died is because he is showing favoritism towards daryl or the reason he killed len was to gain daryl’s trust

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