FX’s American Horror Story Coven: New Images & Mythology Teaser Video

FX's American Horror Story Coven promo poster

With the start of FX’s American Horror Story Coven only days away, here’s a collection of all the latest images and teaser videos for you!

The first is the most current video as posted on Facebook less than an hour ago. It is entitled Mythology and has the following blurb:

Truces are forsaken and spirits have awakened. The fight is about to begin. American Horror Story: Coven Premieres Wednesday, October 9 at 10P only on FX.

The promo video is a delicious blend of witches, voodoo, bitch wars and trademark AHS creepiness (And thanks to BestUSATVSeries4 for an Aussie-friendly version! 😀 ):

Next up we have promo video #23. It’s short, has no sound and makes me want to throw up in my mouth just a little bit:

If you want to view the rest of these promo videos, you can do so by clicking on BestUSATVSeries’ account here. Be aware you will have to scroll through a bit to find all the promo videos as this channel is not exclusively American Horror Story related.

The third video on offer is actually a gallery of images and promo stills that have been released leading up to the premier of American Horror Story Coven. Also included are some Episode 1 stills. There is some truly stunning, completely scary stuff in there:

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to the premier of FX’s American Horror Story Coven on October 9th? Let me know in the comments below!


Facebook – Mythology promo video

YouTube – American Horror Story : Coven | Season 3 | Teaser #23 | Cursed

YouTube – American Horror Story: Coven | Cast Portraits and Ep.1 Photos

(Photo Credits: FX)


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