AMC’s The Walking Dead Season 4: Video Teasers & New Images!

Season 4 of AMC’s The Walking Dead returns October 13 at 9pm ET with Episode 4.01, entitled 30 Days Without an Accident.  Sure it may only be a matter of weeks away – but even with the advent of The Walking Dead webisodes on October 1st, it’s still not enough! Until then, we will just have to be happy with an onslaught of teaser videos and new Season 4 stills.

So let’s get started with the longest teaser video – complete with interviews!

It seems the prison crew are busy keeping their ‘safe haven’ free from zombies – but why are they attacking the prison in such force all of a sudden? Does the Governor (David Morrissey) have anything to do with it?

The next couple of teasers are short and sweet – and all the more frustrating for it! Most of the footage from these can be seen in the extended video above.

The first shows fan favourite, Daryl Dixon (Norman Reedus) stuck in a car with Michonne (Danai Gurira). A horde of zombies have overrun them… it doesn’t look good for the pair of them!

The next one shows the serious breech to the prison.

The final video is a mash up of the previous two with a few extras added in. We find Carol (Melissa McBride) all tough and training up the prison crew, but yet again, we are shown the prison overrun by zombies – I’m really starting to worry about who will make it out alive in The Walking Dead Season 3!

The final tasty tidbit I have for you is a HUGE gallery of newly released images of The Walking Dead Season 4! I have sorted them into two galleries for you. The first group are some fabulous stills of the Walking Dead cast – all of them looking dirty, grungy AWESOME. The second gallery images are some stills from The Walking Dead Season 4 – so feel free to stare long and hard at them and let me know your verdict on what will go down in The Walking Dead Season 4 by commenting below. I had a real close look but couldn’t find our fave recurring zombie man!

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(Photo Credits: AMC)


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